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Matrix Hair Smoothing & Straightening Creams

Matrix Hair Smoothing and Straightening Creams

When it comes to hair care, it can sometimes be difficult to get the look you want without the help of a professional. However, smoothing and straightening creams from Matrix may be able to help you achieve the smooth, sleek style that youve been wanting. These Matrix creams are formulated to help you deal with the frizz cater to your haircare needs.

What are smoothing and straightening creams?

Matrix hair care products can be used to complete two different types of professional treatments at home:

  • Smoothing: This treatment is designed to reduce frizz and unwanted waves by saturating your head with a formaldehyde solution. A blow dryer and flat iron are then used to dry your hair and help the strands to stay locked in a flat position. This treatment may also be known as a protein treatment, a keratin treatment, or a Brazilian blowout.
  • Straightening: This styling technique is more permanent because it can alter the structure of the shaft. The chemicals in the cream break the bonds in the shaft. Heat is then used to restructure the strands. The new bonds that have been formed are then sealed with an additional product. The strands will remain pin-straight until they grow out.
How do you use Matrix straightening cream?

To apply these Matrix products, there are several steps you will need to follow to get the frizz-free results youre looking for:

  • Clean your hair before using the Matrix straightening cream.
  • Remove all of the water by scrunching it in a towel, and remove all knots and tangles.
  • Rub a small amount of the cream around in your palm. Starting at the top of the head and working toward the bottom, spread the product through the strands. Spread the product evenly. If you need additional product, add a small amount at a time.
  • Section your hair into three or four sections, and secure them using pins.
  • Starting with the lowest section, place a round brush underneath and begin to blow dry. While drying, roll the brush toward the tips to remove frizz and unwanted waves.
  • Continue blow drying and brushing until the section is completely dry. Continue this process for the remaining sections.
What considerations should you make when looking for straightening products?

There are three things you should consider when looking for smoothing and straightening products:

  • Hair type and texture: Your hair has a particular texture, porosity, and curl pattern. This may mean that some Matrix products may work better for you than others. The information on the product bottle can help you determine whether a particular product is suited to your needs.
  • Additional tool needs: Some straightening products require additional tools, like hot irons, to provide you with the professional styling you are looking for. Others may not require additional tools.
  • Aftercare: Some products have specific instructions for aftercare. Following these instructions will help keep your hair smooth for longer periods of time.
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