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Mac Pro Intel Xeon 8-Core Desktops

How To Choose a Suitable Desktop

Desktop computers are a great work tool. Apart from work, they offer several entertainment options, like listening to music, watching videos, and playing PC games. When youre in need of a new PC, the Mac Pro should be among your top picks. Stemming from the Apple production lines, this is a powerful Mac computer with attractive looks and features after going through a redesign process.

Why would I need the 8-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro?

The Mac Pro has several high-end features.

  • Processor - A high-speed processor allows the PC to easily handle a heavy workload. The CPU on the Xeon Mac Pro features a multi-core processor from Intel.
  • Hard drive - The hard drive stores all of the computers files and software programs, so you should look for large storage volumes and fast performance. The Xeon Mac Pro uses a flash storage memory, which is faster than most SSD memory devices.
  • RAM - It is a short-term storage device that allows the processor to shift between tasks with little lagging. The Xeon Mac Pro uses a four-channel DDR3 memory which can run from 32 GB all the way up to 64 GB RAM.
  • Graphics card - Game production, web design, graphics design, or video design rely on high-powered graphics processor units (GPUs). The Xeon Octa-Core Mac Pro features double workstation-level AMD FirePro GPUs. The dual-core graphics card offers a better solution to any pro-level PC.
  • Internet connectivity - With most workstations getting rid of the cables, your desktop PC should have a built-in Wi-Fi capability.
  • Operating system - The operating system (OS) is responsible for running all the software programs on the computer. The Mac OS has excellent inbuilt applications, like Safari Browser, FaceTime, iPhotos, iMovie, and many other apps that will easily sync with other Apple Mac desktop computers, MacBooks, and iPhones.
  • Sockets - Sockets allow you to connect your desktop PC with other peripheral devices. The Xeon Mac Pro features the Thunderbolt 2 Ports and an HDMI socket for display connectivity. It has several USB-C ports for connecting other USB type C devices.

What else should I know about the 8-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro?

  • L3 cache - If computing were an operating room, then the CPU would fit the description of a surgeon and the cache would fit that of the surgeons assistant. The level 3 caches work is to fetch and hold on to the next processing job before the CPU works on it. You can only find this in next-generation CPUs, with another interchangeable term like Smart Cache.
  • Hyper-threading - It is a technology that is used to make a CPU core look like two or more logical units to the operating system. It helps to speed up the PCs processing ability. Intel pioneered this technology on the Pentium 4 HT processor. The 8-Core Intel Processor in this machine is essentially a quad-core processor, which appears as eight to the system, because of the Hyper-Threading property.
  • Dual AMD FirePro - A kind of graphics processor, like that used on the Xeon Mac Pro. AMD is a processor manufacturer like Intel.

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