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MB Quart Car Component Speaker Systems

A Guide to Picking a MB Quart Car Component Speaker System

Whether youre driving to work or going on a long road trip, component speakers help bring out the richness and depth of the audio youre listening to and broadcast it throughout your car. Since so many types of component sound systems are made by MB Quart, these may well be the speakers youve been looking for. To find out if youve found a match, check out the offerings in this collection.

How many types of MB Quart component speakers are offered?

MB Quart offers quite a few different audio solutions for your car. These solutions vary in terms of power draw, ohms, and construction, but they are all designed to blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of your vehicle. A few of the offerings from this brand include:

  • XC1-216: These speakers have an RMS power draw of 45 watts and a peak power draw of 90 watts. The manufacturer offers these car sound systems as a group of two component devices and two tweeters. The XCI-216 is black with red trim.
  • FSB-216: The FSB-216 is one of the most high-powered offerings from this brand. With an RMS wattage of 70 and a peak wattage of 140, these car sound devices pump out four ohms each. They are light gray, and they have a frequency response of 55 Hz - 20 kHz.
  • DSH-216: The DSH-216, also known as the Discus, is gunmetal gray. The amplifiers for these types of speakers are clear, which allows you to view the internal components.
How do you pick the right component car speakers?

One of the most important factors to consider is power draw. While higher power draw speakers produce louder sound, they are also more taxing on your cars battery. You may want to consider how each type of component sound device matches your cars aesthetics. Its also important to take careful measurements, to make sure your vehicles speaker housings match up with the size of the devices offered by this company.

How do you install and use component car speakers?

After youve gotten your hands on offerings from MB Quart that will suit your purposes, follow these steps to install your new car audio system:

  • Connect your component speakers to their amplifiers. Install the components in their cases, and run the amplifier wire to your cars stereo.
  • Install the tweeters in their slots toward the top of your vehicle, and run the tweeter wire to your stereo.
  • Turn on your stereo, and play some sound. Check each sound device, in turn, to make sure that your system is operating correctly.
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