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Lomonosov China & Dinnerware

Lomonosov China Dinnerware

Lomonosov Porcelain Factory was the old name of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Known for its hand-painted china, the factory was founded in 1744 in Russia and enjoyed the patronage of the Russian Imperial Family. The Lomonosov company’s trademark dinnerware design is cobalt net, and this porcelain production premiered in 1949.

What is included in a dinner set?

A typical dinner set for 12 made by Lomonosov features 12 each of dinner plates, soup bowls, and salad plates; two 12-inch-round serving dishes; two pedestal serving dishes; two large and two medium oval platters; two spice trays; and two napkin stands. It also has two salt boxes, two mustard boxes, two pepper boxes, and two flower vases.

Can any food or beverage be served in this dinnerware?

A tea set for six includes a teapot, six cups, six saucers, six jam saucers, one sugar bowl, one jam bowl, one butter dish, and one creamer.

How do you care for Lomonosov china dinner sets?

All food and beverages can be served in Lomonosov dinnerware, but the dinner set will need to be cleaned right after the meal is over. With this type of china, foods that are acidic or sulfuric can affect the glaze and the color if they are allowed to linger for a long time on the plates or in the cups. Acidic foods include tomatoes, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits. Foods that have a lot of sulfur content include eggs and mayonnaise. Coffee and tea can easily stain a Lomonosov porcelain tea cup, so porcelain tea cups should be rinsed as quickly as possible after use.

Wall cabinets with glass fronts and china cabinets are excellent places to display Lomonosov china, especially the Cobalt Net dinner sets. You can also hang plates featuring several different porcelain production patterns on the wall. However, if you are going to display them in the open, whether on the wall, open shelves, or a side table, the pieces should be wiped down regularly to remove dust and dirt. Use a white, soft, lint-free cloth made out of cotton for this job.

It is important to only hand wash Lomonosov china and to never place these dinner sets in the dishwasher. Lomonosov porcelain often comes with 24-karat gold accents on the dinner sets. Use only mild dishwashing detergent, and leave the pieces to air dry. Store the pieces on shelves lined with felt or cork, and stack dishes with circles of felt or packing paper between them to guard against chipping. Cups should be stored rim side up.

What is the difference between bone china and porcelain?

Porcelain is clay that contains a large amount of a material called kaolin. This clay is fired in a kiln at temperatures above 2,156 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the resulting ceramic vitreous and very hard. Bone china is also made with kaolin but with the addition of bone ash derived from animals. Bone china is stronger and even more translucent than porcelain.

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