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Lens Cleaning Wipes

Keep the Lenses of Your Camera, Glasses, and Binoculars Free of Smudges with Lens Cleaning Wipes

Lenses can get dirty from fingers and even falling dust, but they also need special cleaners that can safely and effectively remove grime. When you shop on eBay, youll find a selection of lens cleaning wipes that you can use to keep your lenses sparkling clean.

Why are lens cleaning wipes useful?

Cleaning wipes for lenses are usually moistened with an alcohol solution that breaks down dirt and oil to leave lenses free of smudges. Most lenses are made with glass, which can be scratched. When you have a lens on a pair of eyeglasses or binoculars and youre looking directly through them, youll often notice small scratches. The cloth of a lens cleaner is made with a material that is soft, so you dont have to worry about scratching the lenses of your eyeglasses, camera, binoculars, or any other type of lens. It also wont leave lint behind like many other materials. Finally, you can use a disposable lens cloth, then simply throw it away, which makes these cloths very convenient and easy to use.

What brands make lens cleaning wipes?

Some of the most common brands of new lens cloths that you can find on eBay include:

  • Zeiss: This brand not only markets lens cleaning cloths, but they also make binoculars and other equipment that uses lenses.
  • UHealth: This company makes a variety of health-related products that also includes contact cases and melatonin drops for sleeping.
  • Care Touch: This company produces a range of wipes, including CPAP mask wipes, syringes, alcohol pads, and sanitizing wet wipes.
How do you use lens cleaning wipes?

These types of wipes are especially useful on lenses for cameras, eyeglasses, and binoculars, but theyre also great on phone screens, tablets, keyboards, computer screens, and other electronics. If youre using them on certain equipment, such as a keyboard or another electronic device that has grooves, you might want to brush off excessive debris first. Theyre pre-moistened, so you simply take one out of the individually sealed wrapper, and then wipe the screen, keys, or lens.

What features do lens cleaning wipes have?

Lens wipes are usually individually wrapped to keep them moist. The cloths are moistened with a formula that is typically alcohol-based, so they sanitize as well as break down oils and dirt, leaving a streak-free surface. They come in boxes with counts of anywhere from 50 to 400 wipes per package.