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Leather Case/Cover for BlackBerry Q20

How to Choose a Leather Case for Your BlackBerry Q20

Your BlackBerry may be your most vital electronic possession. Whether you are working in the office or are out on the road, you need to keep your cell phone safe in order to keep your business and your family running smoothly. The ideal case will be made of durable leather and will offer protection for your phone from scratches and from damage caused by accidental bumps.

How is the leather case cover constructed?

The phone case for your BlackBerry Q20 may have the following protective specifications:

  • An outer case made of strong, durable leather. The natural durability of leather offers reliability not often found in man-made materials.
  • A soft, seam-free lining to protect the phone.
  • A secure way to hold the phone in the case such as a holster-type phone case with a leather flap that you can easily flip open or closed.
  • A screen saver in order to add protection to the most vulnerable part of the phone.
Can you use the same cover for different BlackBerry models?

The manufacturer designs a variety of phones for different needs and personal styles. Along with individual features, each phone has a unique size. The Q20 (or Classic) product dimensions are 5.16 inches long by 2.85 inches wide by 0.40 inches deep. The Q20 will not fit in a leather case designed, for example, for the BlackBerry Bold Touch which has dimensions of 4.53 inches high by 2.60 inches wide by 0.41 inches deep. Be sure to select a case specific to your model.

Should you purchase a wallet case or a standard cover?

Your personal style will determine which BlackBerry Q20 case best fits your needs. A leather wallet case will allow you to carry your ID, a credit card or two, and some cash alongside your phone. If you like to grab your phone and go, a wallet case may fit your lifestyle. A standard leather cover may reduce the risk for you by keeping your phone separate from your financial and personal items.

What types of clips or wrist straps are available?

Depending on your needs, you can get a BlackBerry phone case that has a swivel belt clip, one that has a detachable wrist strap, or one that is simply a phone case. Swivel belt clips are typically available in either a static position or as a 360-degree swivel option. Leather wrist straps are convenient features that can help you hold on to your phone instead of clipping it to a belt.

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