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Laptop Batteries for Apple PowerBook G4

Work More Efficiently and Play Longer with a Powerbook G4 Battery for Apple Laptops

Powerbook markets their line of G4 batteries as a catch-all solution to peoples frustrations with their Apple devices poor battery life. The line of batteries makes good on that promise and much more, delivering a portable energy solution that gets the job done. For those interested, eBay has an excellent selection of these batteries available.

Which Apple Powerbooks is the G4 battery compatible with?

The Powerbook line of laptops are legacy technology; theyve been out of production since 2006. This fact complicates finding replacement batteries as not only are the batteries hard to come by, but each Powerbook model requires a battery tailored to the lines specific dimensions. These listings resolve the above issue entirely as replacement batteries are available for every model and size of Powerbook ever created. Below are the specific model numbers:

  • PowerBook G4 12-inch M9676X/A
  • PowerBook G4 15-inch A1106
  • PowerBook G4 15-inch M8980LL/A
  • PowerBook G4 17-inch Aluminum
  • PowerBook G4 17-inch M9677CH/A
Do these batteries improve on the original Powerbook batteries?

Yes. These batteries outpace the batteries that theyre based on in virtually every aspect. They do so without exceeding the Powerbook series limitations concerning voltage and power intake, a fact that avoids many headaches and problems. These batteries hold a charge for 25% longer than the originals did as well. Additionally, the hardware has been retrofitted to be compatible with quick-charge technology, which allows the batteries to be charged to their fullest in only a few minutes. The above factors combine to make these batteries more than just replacements for the original hardware. They are actually full-blown upgrades.

What are the specifications of these batteries?

The difference between each battery only goes as far as the dimensions of the hardware; each model is equipped with the same line of resilient materials. These batteries use Grade A cells, a fact that puts their performance in line with that found in newer models of Apple laptops. They have an output of 14.4 volts but have the benefit of being fully compatible with 14.8-volt Powerbooks. Lastly, the batteries all use the same Lithium-ion construction the original Powerbooks batteries did, so it provides a truly authentic piece of hardware.

Are these batteries brand new?

These batteries are manufactured fresh using Apples specifications for the Powerbook line of laptops. No materials included in their construction are refurbished or recycled, and none of the batteries available on eBay are used. Each battery is constructed specifically for the model of laptop it lists as its replacement model and will fit within the Powerbooks containment area exactly as the old model does to maximize the ease of installation.

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