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LGA 775 CPU Fans with Heatsinks

LGA CPU Heatsinks and Fans Help Keep Computers Cooler

Find the right shape, size, and color of LGA 775 CPU heatsink and fan to stabilize your computers performance by lowering its operating temperature. This combination keeps your system cooler even if the processor is working hard.

What are the LGA 775 CPU heatsink and fan?

This cooler system attaches to your processing socket. LGA stands for Land Grid Array. This advanced processor component has protruding pins inserted into a socket for making contact with the motherboard. The heatsink and fan regulate this processing units temperature. The number 775 refers to the total number of contacts on your socket, and the CPU cooler you add to it fits this type of processor part.

What features contribute to CPU cooling?

Usually it is a combination of attributes that each CPU cooler has that help the CPU remain at lower temperatures. Many of the 775-contact CPU coolers have these capabilities:

  • Copper core: The heatsink and heat pipes usually are made of copper because they pull heat from your processor and expel it from your machine using the fan. Many heatsinks and CPU coolers have a 3- or 4- pipe system because multiple pipes provide additional cooling capabilities.
  • Fluid dynamic bearing: This type of bearing system provides longevity for a cooling fan because it keeps the moving parts of the cooler lubricated. This prolongs the time between necessary repairs and replacements.
  • Airflow-optimized CPU cooler blades: This provides quieter cooling. These units are often placed in front of a home-built computer tower case. They often have a static pressure feature that pulls and pushes air in and out of your machine.
  • Brush aluminum top cover: Some of these covers have a diamond finish. This is one additional method for helping you keep your computer at the necessary temperature. This kind of shield also has some amount of protective function for keeping your CPU from harm.
  • PWM-controlled speed: The fan speeds up when your machine is hot, especially if it reaches 70 degrees or more. Then, it slows to about half the speed when the temperature cools to 60 degrees or less.

How fast does an LGA 775 fan spin?

The speed varies depending on whether or not the unit is PWM-controlled. Many of the 775-contact CPU coolers are controlled this way, and they run at different RPMs from approximately 1300 to 2650 rpm.

With what systems do 775-contact CPU coolers and heatsinks work?

They typically work with most Intel, AMD, or others that have 775 contacts. You also might find some OEM models of CPUs that have this number of contacts for which you can use this LGA CPU cooler. Make sure you match the right part numbers with your model when ordering.

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