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Junk Food Clothing for Women

Junk Food Clothing for Women

Junk Food Clothing began in 1998 in Los Angeles and makes apparel. You can find womens apparel offered by this brand. Their clothing consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses with pop culture graphic renderings, comic book characters, movie heroes, stars from the music world, and other quirky designs.

What types of apparel does Junk Food Clothing make?

Many of Junk Foods apparel for women are tops. These clothing items may include long- and short-sleeve tees, t-shirts, sweatshirts, short dresses, and hoodies. Most of these options are made from 100% cotton. Some sweater options may be made of knitted fabrics. When wearing Junk Food Clothing, a woman can support her favorite football team, rock star, or slogan. Since 1998, the brand has focused on creating vintage-style clothing with authentic details.

What designs will you find on Junk Food Clothing?

Junk Food apparel is designed to allow the wearer to make a statement about their favorite things. The brands designers use an array of ideas and references from pop culture when making their clothes. Some of the artwork may include the following:

  • Sports - Youll find a wide array of NFL and NBA teams represented on Junk Food Clothing. Many of the clothes feature vintage styles or throwback logos from the past. Womens NFL T-shirts come with the word "Go" on the front along with the team name underneath and come in a grey color.
  • Movies and TV - Films from the Star Wars and Disney franchises are often the subjects of clothing from this company. The apparel may feature a character such as Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader along with artwork from a corresponding film. Comic book characters and cartoons like the Flintstones are also common subjects.
  • Music - Classic rock bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, and Pink Floyd are often featured on shirts and sweaters. These clothing options may depict album covers, logos, or band members rocking out during a performance.
  • Brands - In many cases, Junk Food Clothing uses brands as clothing subjects. Youll find plenty of beer and soda companies represented on its clothing.
  • Slogans - Lots of Junk Food apparel features slogans along with corresponding artwork. Some examples include shirts that say, "Girls Rule," "Dont Worry, Be Happy," "Bad Mood," and "Its a Jungle Out There."
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