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The 2021 Air Jordan 1 Low GS

The Air Jordan 1 is the sneaker that started it all, marking the beginning of the most iconic lineage of sneakers in history. In many ways, it's responsible for launching modern-day sneaker culture as a whole—and it almost didn't happen.

History of Air Jordan 1

As the story goes, the year was 1984, and Chicago Bulls' rookie Michael Jordan was a hot commodity for endorsement deals, with sneakers naturally being paramount.

Jordan had just come off a stellar college basketball season at the University of North Carolina. He wore Converse and was a personal fan of Adidas, so he took meetings with both companies, but they never reached a deal. It seems strange today, but at the time, Michael Jordan hated Nike—so much so that he refused to take a meeting with them.

He was persuaded by his mother, Deloris Jordan, to visit the Nike campus in Oregon and listen to their pitch. His plan was to go through the motions to appease his parents and agent but he ultimately left with a contract unlike any other.

Rather than walking in the shadows of established athletes like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird (which may have been the case had he signed elsewhere), Michael Jordan shone in the Nike limelight. He was paid more than any other athlete with a sneaker endorsement at the time. Nike made him the face of its growing presence in basketball, and gave him his own sneaker line—called Air Jordan.

Jordan 1 Low GS Yellow

The 2021 Air Jordan 1 Low Royal Yellow GS is a recent addition to the Air Jordan lineup, with a look and structure similar to past products like the Nike Dunk Low. The Jordan 1 low yellow royal stands on the shoulders of giants when it comes to high-quality sneakers. The Air Jordan 1 Low GS Royal Yellow sports the Swoosh and Wings logo on the sides and back respectively, as well as a perforated toe. The striking yellow and black colorway creates a bold distinction between the midsole and the rest of the sneaker. These visual choices distinguish the Air Jordan 1 Low GS from the rest of the Air Jordan lineup.