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Jewelled Case/Cover for Samsung Galaxy S

Adding Bling to Your Cell Phone

If you fancy a bit of bling in your life, then youll no doubt want to have a case for your Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, or S9 that glitters and sparkles with crystals or rhinestones. Using a case for your phone not only offers protection, but it is also a way to give some individuality and personality to a treasured device.

What Kind of Cases Can I Find?

As you are probably already aware, there are different kinds of phone cases that you can choose from for your S7, S8, or S9. Some of the types of cases include:

  • Wallet cases: Wallet cases commonly come in flip form, where you have a cover that folds over your phone. On one side of the cover, you will find a pocket and card slots to keep your credit cards and cash safely with your phone. This type of phone case is ideal if you want to hold one item rather than carrying a separate wallet. You can find these types of phone cases decorated with all types of bling, including glitter patterns, jeweled with crystals, diamonds, or rhinestones in gorgeous patterns.
  • Hard phone case: A hard phone case generally offers shockproof protection, meaning that if you drop your phone, there is less likely to be damage to your Samsung S7, S8, or S9. The hard plastic cases snap snuggly onto your phone and can also help prevent dust, scratch, and water damage. These hard covers can come in all different colors of plastic, and you can find various rhinestone, crystal, and glitter decorations that sparkle. There are butterfly patterns using crystals or rhinestone flowers. You can also find some unique liquid glitter quicksand cases, which have glitter that moves within the plastic casing as you move the phone around.

What Other Kinds of Cases Can I Find?

If youve decided that you dont need so much glitter and bling in your life, there are still many more options beyond the standard black case.

  • Colored cases: Different types of phone cases, including wallet cases, soft cases, and hard case covers come in many colors. You can choose from pink, green, orange, yellow, purple, or blue.
  • Patterned cases: You can find patterned cases without the bling, such as striped, spotted, gingham, or with flowers, fruit, or other random patterns.
  • Characters or celebrities: Some cases feature pictures of famous characters, movie stars, or celebrities.

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