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Irregular Choice Shoes for Women

Irregular Choice Shoes for Women

Irregular Choice shoes for women include a wide variety of different styles. Different materials are used to accent pairs with varying embellishments and detailing. Care depends largely on the materials in a particular design.

What styles of womens shoes are available?

This brand of shoes is available in all different styles, including pumps, flats, and boots.

  • Pumps come in platforms, heels, wedges, open-toe style, and kitten heels. Platform styles are typically raised a few inches, although theyre flat across the entire sole. Heels feature different thicknesses while wedges are typically made to elevate the heel higher than the toe using a chunky sole. Open-toe styles come in a variety of designs, including strappy and peep-toe. Kitten heels feature a shorter heel than a standard pump.
  • Flats are available in Mary Jane silhouettes and other ankle-strap styles. Mary Jane shoes are typically rounded at the toe with an ankle strap. Some other styles feature the same strap but differ in shape and structure.
  • Boots come in ankle-height, knee-high, and mid-calf designs. Heel heights vary slightly depending on the particular shoe at hand. Finishes are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. Height determines the silhouette of the shoe.
What materials are utilized to design this brand of shoes?

This brand of women’s footwear is constructed from different materials from cork and wood to glitter, velvet, lace, ribbons, satin, and fur. Embellishments like flowers and beading are used on some pairs, depending on the design. A wide variety of colors and patterns may be mixed together in a pair. Others use animal silhouettes, sequins, tweed, and plastic to depict different looks. Often, materials of different colors and textures are used together on the same pair of shoes. Patterns may also be used together to create a specific look.

What sizes are these shoes available in?

Most Irregular Choice womens shoes are available in U.S. women’s sizes 6 through 10, although some styles may be available in larger or smaller sizes. Shoe size may vary slightly depending on the shoe’s style. Open-toe shoes may run slightly larger than closed-toe designs. Boots may also run slightly larger. See manufacturer site for details.

What are care tips for this line of shoes?

Care depends almost exclusively on the materials utilized in shoe construction. If the shoes include a care tag, refer to it to determine the appropriate type of care. Embellishments that may be damaged during cleaning like floral accents, sequins, or beading may necessitate dry cleaning only. Other pairs made from materials like cotton or satin may be able to be spot-cleaned if they collect dirt or stains.

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