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Chevy El Camino Interior Door Panels & Parts

Interior door panels provide a number of great features to your El Camino. They house a number of interior features, from door handles to window cranks. They also provide a clean, insulated look to the inside of your vehicle; read on for tips on choosing the right interior panel and parts for your vintage El Camino.

Are door panels interchangeable for other doors?

Each Chevrolet make has a specific design that must be carefully matched. You may not use a cover made for one door on another door inside the vehicle as the front and back are made differently as well as the left and right.

How long will it take to replace an interior door panel?

Depending on your level of expertise having replaced panels before, the entire process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours taking care not to damage any parts.

How can you change the lock on an El Camino?

In order to gain access to the mechanism, you must first remove the inside panel. From there you will see the lock to replace or repair as you see fit. If a professional is not performing the repairs for you, be careful removing and replacing the cover to avoid the necessity of purchasing a new one.

Can you access the power windows behind the inside panels?

Yes. Once you remove the inside cover you will have access to the roller track, window motor, and other parts. It is necessary to remove the entire panel to work on any part in order to avoid damage rather than attempting to remove only a small section.

What tools do you need to replace an El Camino cover?

Basic tools should be enough to gain access to the inside of a door on your El Camino. A Phillips and flat-head screwdriver should suffice for screws and to pry the cover off. A socket set for bolts is also recommended. It is also wise if you are working with electronics for the tools that you choose to be insulated for safety from electrical shock. For specific part sizes, check with the manufacturer for your specific make and year model.

What parts make up El Camino door panels?

Aside from the many nuts, bolts, and screws necessary to fasten down the parts, your El Camino may have the following:

  • The panels themselves to cover the interior of your doors
  • The trim around the panels
  • The armrest to be attached to the inside