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Incipio Cases/Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Choosing a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Whether hanging out at home or traipsing around the world, a case or cover can keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 protected while also allowing you to personalize it with various designs, patterns, and finishes. These cases can be made from a variety of materials that include leather, aluminum, polyester, rigid plastic, and synthetic rubber. There are also numerous types of cases for you to consider ranging from wallet cases to bumper cases.

Which types of Samsung Galaxy Note cases are there?
  • Bumper case: This is a type of case that is relatively slim and comes in a raised edge design. These cases do not typically come with a backing and are slotted over the edges of your smartphone. They are usually made of a rigid plastic material.
  • Fitted case: This is a type of thin case that covers the sides and the back of your phone. They can be made from both hard and soft materials and come in a variety of colors and design options.
  • Wallet case: This is a case that is shaped like a wallet and comes with two sides. The right side of the case holds your smartphone while the left side will close over the phone once it has been slotted inside. These cases are usually made from leather or faux leather and can be equipped with several card pockets. They also often have a place to store the stylus for your Note 4.
  • Hybrid case: This is a type of case that completely surrounds your phone and comes with two or more distinct layers. The bottom layer is usually comprised of a silicone material. The top layer is typically made from rigid plastic with a clear, plastic film that covers the screen.
What are some colors and designs that Incipio offers?

Incipio covers for the Note 4 are available in a large variety of different colors, designs, and finishes that you can consider. The range of colors includes silver, black, blue, red, purple, white, gold, and pink. Cases for the Galaxy Note 4 can come in a variety of finishes such as glossy, metallic, matte, or a textured pattern. As for the available designs, they include patterned, transparent, plain, and pictorial designs.

What are some features available with these Samsung Galaxy Note cases?

These cases for your smartphone can come with a wide range of features, such as one or more card pockets that you can slot your license or work card into. When you want to watch a video or use the device as a hands-free unit, some cases are equipped with small kickstands that will keep the device upright when you are not holding it. Many of these cases come with some form of storage compartment as well as a screen protector that is placed over the display of your phone. Some of the types of closing devices available with these cases include buckles, zippers, and snaps.

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