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Horseman Large Format Film Cameras

Expand Your Horizons With a Horseman Large Format Film Camera

Taking expansive pictures of the landscape at a beautiful setting can make for a wonderful experience. Horseman is a brand of cameras that were made by the Komamura Corporation. Whether youre in the field or in the studio, a large format film camera can provide a cinematic and memorable picture.

What type of film camera is a Horseman camera?

This type of film camera is a specialized type of camera that is used by professional photographers. The very first photo devices were large format, which leads many to believe that these types of cameras are all antique. However, some companies still make these photography devices.

Large format cameras use large film to take pictures. While the film used by most photography devices is about an inch across, large format cameras use film that is at least 4 x 5 inches in size. This larger size leads to a higher resolution picture. These types of photography devices are much larger than normal cameras, and they can only be used when mounted on tripods.

What are the parts of this type of camera?

These types of large format cameras are comprised of a number of different parts, including

  • Bellows: The bellows are the parts of these devices that allow the lens to be moved in relation to the focal plane. This movement allows the device to be focused. These accordion-like parts can be extended backward and forward.
  • Bed: The bed is the part that is used to support this type of device. The bed is attached to the tripod on one side and the device on the other side.
  • Viewing hood: The viewing hood extends over the viewing aperture. This component creates a darkened area for viewing the image within the cameras field of view.
  • Hand strap: A photographer uses the hand strap to keep the device steady while taking photos. These types of straps are usually made of leather, and they are usually placed on the left-hand side of the device.
  • Lens: The lens is a component situated at the front of the device. Light enters into the lens, which is then imprinted on the film inside the device. Lenses are usually made from glass.
What types of pro cameras are offered by this brand?

This company makes a few different types of these devices. Some of the models produced include:

  • 45HF: This device folds up into a compact shape. It is designed for use out in the field. It is smaller than most devices of this type.
  • L45: This is the largest type of photo device produced by this company. It is designed for indoor use. It is black in color, and it features a bright focusing screen.
  • 45FA: The 45FA is a medium-sized offering from this company. It folds up for transportation.
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