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Horseman Film Cameras

What you need to know about Horseman Cameras

Komamura is a Japanese company that has produced their line of Horseman cameras since the 1950s along with photo accessories. Many Horseman cameras feature a folding camera design to allow them to be packed up for storage. The new and pre-owned Horseman camera models on eBay are lightweight, which makes it easier to transport and store them.

What types of Horseman cameras are available?

You can find a variety of affordable Horseman cameras on eBay. Here are some of them:

  • Field: This style is a view camera that is designed to be folded into a compact design. The lens is mounted on a rail system to help extend the lens.
  • Large Format: These Horseman camera models have imaging formats of 4 by 5 inches or larger and use sheet film.
  • Medium Format: These models make use of 120mm film sizes and have a wide field of view.
  • Rangefinder: These cameras are fitted with a rangefinder that allows you to measure the distance of a subject being photographed. These models will also have a calibration wheel that allows you to adjust the focus.
What focus options are available?
  • Auto: These types utilize sensors and lens motors to automate lens focusing. The sensors are mounted inside the camera body.
  • Fixed: These lenses will have a set of focus options that have been calibrated by the manufacturer. Different focus options require different lenses.
  • Manual: Manual focus lenses will have a focusing ring that allows you to adjust the focal distance. The focus ring will be measured in both meters and feet.
How do you select a Horseman camera?
  • Select a camera type: You can choose between large and medium formats, rangefinder, and field style cameras.
  • Choose a film format: Some common formats include 4x5 inches, 8x10 inches, 35mm, and 6x7cm. The camera will have a specific format that it can use without using a converter.
  • Select a focus type: You can choose between manual, automatic, and fixed focus lenses.
  • Choose a rail system: Some Horseman cameras are built on an optical modular system. These allow you to set the focus length.
What are the different parts of a Horseman camera?
  • Lens board: This component is made of aluminum, wood, or plastic. These are designed to hold the lens at the front of the camera body and are screwed in place.
  • Viewer: This component allows you to stage the shot and is located at the top of the camera body.
  • Rotary back: This type of camera attachment allows you to rotate the focusing glass and film holder components.
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