Home Telephone Cords, Cables & Adapters

Home Telephone Cords, Jacks and Plugs

Home phone systems require many different components to operate effectively. If you want to augment or upgrade your home phone system, you'll need to acquire special accessories. When you need parts for your home phone system, you may find what you need in this collection.

What types of home phone cords and accessories are there?

There are many components that you may need to set up, repair, or augment your home phone system. Here are a few of the parts that are most commonly purchased for these purposes:

  • Phone line cords: These phone cords connect directly from the telephone cord to the telephone. Phone cords come in a variety of lengths, and longer lengths are usually sold on a wheel for convenience. Every cord of this type has two male ends that fit standard telephone jacks. Telephone line cords come in a variety of different colors to match your home decor.
  • Handset cords: Handset cords connect your handset to the telephone base. While many types of telephones are now wireless, some models still make use of these lines to connect handsets to bases. These phone cords are usually stretchy and coiled, which means that they are short while at rest but can be extended across the room if necessary. These phone cords have two male ends that fit standard jacks.
  • Splitters: If you have multiple telephones in the same room or you only have one jack that is readily accessible, you may need to invest in a telephone cord splitter. These devices plug into a jack on one side and can have up to four female jacks on the other side. This means that you can transform a single telephone cord into a connection point that services up to four phones.
  • Coupler jacks: These devices are used to extend phone lines across long distances. They consist of two female jacks installed in a small rectangular box. When you plug one phone cord into one end of the box and another phone cord into the other end, you're able to cover more distance with your line without needing to invest in a longer telephone cord.
  • Wall plates: Wall plates are rectangular plates that are attached directly to the telephone cord wall socket. These plates generally have one jack in the center that can admit a standard phone cord. Some wall plates have multiple jacks that are used to connect to phone or DSL cables.
  • Detanglers: Stretchy telephone cords can sometimes get tangled. Detanglers are used to remove the tangles from your cord.
  • Suction cup phone call recorders: If you want to record your phone calls, you can purchase a simple device that will do the trick. These types of devices generally attach to your phone with a suction cup and are equipped with a cord that ends in standard 3.5mm audio jack. Plug this jack into a recording device to covertly record your calls.