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Hollister Hoodies for Men

Hollister Mens Hoodies

Hollister hoodies are designed to be worn in cold weather, and they incorporate graphics based on Californian themes and beach culture. Since the hoodies are available in a variety of colors and graphic designs, they can be worn with classic denim blue jeans or casual shorts. These hooded sweaters have different features and silhouettes to provide men with many options.

What materials are Hollister sweatshirts made out of?

Hollister hoodies are constructed from a blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. Some of the hoods include extra fur material. These hoodies have exclusive elastic material on the ends of the long sleeves that gently stretch around the wrists for extra warmth and comfort. The material selection is designed to enhance the casual quality of the hoodies and to offer a proper fit.

What varieties of sweatshirts are available?

Hollister produces two varieties of sweatshirts, which include classic pullover hoodies with a single pocket on the front bottom where both hands can be locked together for warmth. You can also choose an full-zip hoodie with pockets that are available for each hand.

Hollister sweatshirts are available in five select sizes for men. They include extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

What colors do Hollister hoodies come in?

Hollister fleece hoodies for guys come in a variety of classic solid colors for each season. The color shades include gray, dark gray, navy blue, pink, burgundy, yellow, orange, and white. These garments are also available in baseball designs with two colors, which includes one color shade that is used on the sleeves and a second color shade on the body of the garment.

Do the hoodies have graphic designs?

While some hoodies are available in solid colors without any graphic designs or exclusive baseball designs with two colors, others display Hollister logos on the front. Some of the clothing items display large, exclusive brand text logos on the front, a large Hollister soaring bird logo, or a small embroidered Hollister logo.

What other garments can hoodies be worn with?

The hoodie styles are designed to be paired with different types of garments during the colder months of the year. They can be worn with denim jeans, shorts, pants, over tees, and even under or stretched over jackets. Zip-up hoodies can also be worn with a t-shirt underneath with the sweatshirt worn open or closed. The hoods are designed to be worn loose and can be paired with a beanie or a hat for extra warmth outdoors.

Exclusive Hollister hoodies are constructed with soft materials that stretch and provide warmth. The sweaters can be worn with denim blue jeans, shorts, tees, long-sleeve shirts, and they can also stretch over a jacket for layering.

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