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Hitachi DVDCam Camcorder

Capture Your Memories with a Hitachi DVD Camcorder

There are some memories that you want to keep forever. You can now do that with a Hitachi DVD camcorder. These camcorders have many features that will keep your memories alive.

How long has Hitachi produced camcorders?

Hitachi has been in the home video recording industry since 1985. Their first model was a shoulder-mounted camcorder that recorded on a three-hour video cassette tape. Hitachi was the first manufacturer to design a camcorder that could record onto a digital video disc. In 2006, the company had another first by introducing the worlds first DVD/HDD camcorder to the consumer market.

What camcorders are available under the Hitachi brand name?

Today, the company has a full line of camcorder models. They continue to produce products for both the professional and home user. Many of their models are easily transportable and can fit in the palm of a hand. Some even come in the various recording media formats whether you want to record onto an SD card or DVD.

Some previous Hitachi models include:

  • DZ-GX5020A
  • DZ-BX35A
  • DZ-MV730A
  • DZ-BX35A
What are the specifications for the Hitachi DZ-BD70A?

The DZ-BD70A is a hybrid DVD camcorder that can record in multiple formats including Blu-ray. The Hitachi camcorder is capable of filming in true high definition with a resolution of 1920 by 1080p. It has a 10x optical zoom with a 2.7-inch widescreen LCD. This product even has a photo capture mode that allows the user to print 2.07-megapixel stills of their video. The camcorder has a 1-Second Quick Start Mode that allows for immediate recording in order to save battery life. Finalizing a disc can now be accomplished with the touch of one button. This DVD camcorder features a combination of extras for those who want to record in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

What recording formats are available?

Hitachi has many models on the market that record in a variety of modes. Some of their models can even record in Hi8. Todays models tend to capture video in a digital format. Some of the camcorders do require a physical disc to save your video. This option is helpful for those who want to make a copy of their special event. If you want to record to DVD, make sure your camcorder can save video in the DVD-R or DVD-RW formats.

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