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Hilo Hattie Casual Button-Down Shirts for Men

Hilo Hattie Mens Casual Shirts

Hilo Hattie manufactures casual Aloha shirts for men, as well as for women and children. They come in a number of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials.

What sizes do Hilo Hattie Hawaiian shirts come in?

The mens shirts are available in sizes starting from small, which fits a 44- to 46-inch chest and a 43.5- to 45.5-inch waist, to 5XL, which fits a 63- to 66-inch chest and a 57.9- to 59.5-inch waist.

What designs of Hawaiian shirts does Hilo Hattie make?

A myriad of Aloha shirts, ranging from conservative to casual, are available from the company in its stores. Traditional designs feature Hawaiian leaf and floral patterns in muted tones. Other designs, featuring brighter, multicolored patterns with surfboards, Hawaiian dancers, vintage cars, single flowers, and tropical Santa Clauses, are whimsical takes on the Aloha shirt. Most Hawaiian shirts have short sleeves, but long sleeves are also available. Some styles include a breast pocket that merges with the overall print. Pattern examples include:

  • A sage-on-sage leaf pattern
  • A sage and flax lei pattern against a cream background
  • Alternating dark and light green blocks with various tropical leaf silhouettes
  • A sepia palm lei band across the chest and arms
  • A white, tropical floral pattern of pineapple hibiscus, and plumeria against a black background
  • A cotton shirt featuring a vivid green, red, and gold Aloha Nui surfer pattern against a black background
  • A purple Aloha shirt with vertical floral bands in cream and white
What materials do these shirts come in?Hilo Hattie clothing can be found in a number of different fabric choices. Many of the options are made for the warm weather that is found year-round on the island chain.Some of the shirts are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer, while others may require dry cleaning. Some may require an iron while others will not. Refer to the individual labels for instructions regarding how to care for each type of fabric. Options include:
  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Cotton
  • Cotton blends
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Gabardine
Who was Hilo Hattie?

Hilo Hattie, the companys namesake, was a singer, hula dancer, actress, and comedian of Native Hawaiian ancestry. She was once referred to as the "Polynesian Sophie Tucker." During her career, she performed in movies and on television and had a recurring role in the original "Hawaii Five-O" TV series, which aired between the years 1968 and 1980.

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