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Hello Kitty Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Choosing a Hello Kitty Phone Case for the iPhone 6

You may be a grown-up, but your childhood attachment to Sanrios Hello Kitty and her friends never quite ended. You may not be able to run around in Hello Kitty pajamas anymore, but you can still pay homage to your childhood idol with a roomy iPhone case featuring the adorable white cat when you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

What Are Some Types of Cases?

There are a few types of cases to select from when youre considering Hello Kitty cases. They may offer different features, so you can choose the one that suits your specific needs, along with the color, material, and designs you enjoy.

  • To fit your Apple iPhone, you can select a leather Hello Kitty iPhone case. This type of case looks like an actual wallet, but instead of having a compartment on either side for money or cards, one side houses a spot for your iPhone 6 while the other side offers slots for your credit cards and cash.
  • A clutch typically has a loop on the end, so you can carry it like a wristlet. It may offer more storage space for small items, like a lip balm or some coins. These often have a snap or magnetic closure or feature a zip-around style.
  • A three-dimensional case has an oversized Hello Kitty on the back that is made of plastic or enamel, and you can open it to find storage spaces for your essentials. These are sometimes called flip cases, though theyre a bit more basic than a clutch case or one of the larger cases and may not have a pouch for bigger items.

How Can You Use This Case?

There are a few reasons to purchase a case in this style, and it may come in handy when you least expect it.

  • Grab your phone and put it into a clutch case when you just want to take your essentials and leave a bigger purse or tote behind.
  • Use a wristlet when you are traveling, going to a concert, or going somewhere where having your hands free would be helpful.
  • You can also treat these types of iPhone 6 accessories as traditional wallets and allow them to function as one by using them along with a regular handbag or tote. Simply stow your smartphone in the proper spot and use the slots for the cards you use most.

What Are Some Cases to Choose From?

There are a few different types and styles to select from.

  • You can pick a case with something extra, like a hidden mirror on the inside.
  • You could also select a case that not only features Hello Kitty but some other characters from her world, such as My Melody or Little Twin Stars.
  • You might even choose a patterned, solid-colored, glittered, or three-dimensional case design.

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