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Hello Kitty Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Choosing a Hello Kitty Wallet Case for the iPhone 6 Plus

You can express your love of all things Sanrio while you keep your iPhone 6 Plus protected from drops, scratches, and bumps with a case meant to fit this series of iPhones. There are numerous options when it comes to a Hello Kitty iPhone case with wallet features, including color and material choices along with character options.

What Are Some Features of These Cases?

A Hello Kitty case with the features of a wallet means you can leave your briefcase, tote, or handbag at home when you just need to run to the gym or the store and only need to carry the essentials along with you. There are a few appealing features about cases for the Plus line of phones along with the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6.

  • This type of Hello Kitty iPhone case provides slots for your ID, debit card, credit cards, or cash along with a secure spot for your iPhone.
  • When you choose a more streamlined case, you may not have additional storage space, but some cases are more like pouches with a larger storage pouch where you can put a lipstick, keys, or a bit of change.
  • A case with a wristlet allows you to slide it onto your arm to carry your case hands-free.

What Are Apple iPhone Cases Made Of?

You can choose an iPhone Hello Kitty iPhone case made from varying materials depending on the level of protection you desire or based on your aesthetic preferences.

  • Purchase an Apple iPhone case made of leather, which looks similar to a typical wallet. Youll find a storage compartment and/or slots for your cards inside, along with room for your iPhone 6 Plus. These may or may not include a wristlet or strap.
  • An iPhone case made of plastic offers sturdy protection and a streamlined appearance. There may not be as much room in this type of iPhone 6 Plus case, but there are spots for your cards and cash along with your phone.
  • A hybrid case combines real or faux leather on the exterior with plastic parts on the inside to keep your iPhone securely placed inside the case.

What Characters Are on These Cases?

Those familiar with the Sanrio universe know that Hello Kitty is just one of many cute, cartoon-like characters that come from this brand. Some smartphone cases only feature Hello Kitty, while others either depict Hello Kitty and her friends or her friends by themselves.

  • My Melody is a bunny character with long ears and a pink hat whos featured on some cases.
  • You may see a protective case with Cinnamoroll, who is made to look like a long-eared puppy with bright cheeks.
  • Gudetama, also called the lazy egg, is a character that many enjoy, and there are numerous cases embossed with this fan favorite.

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