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Heelys Girls' Shoes

Girls Heelys

In 1999, Heelys were patented as the first roller skate and shoe combined, otherwise known as a roller shoe. These wheeled shoes offer the comfort of sneakers and the convenience and fun of roller skates, and they come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. Girls Heelys are recommended for use on ground surfaces that are smooth and stable, including sidewalks and seamless flooring

How do you use Heelys?

Safety should always be the number one concern. Heelys recommends that when using these shoes, kids wear helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear, especially when learning to use roller shoes.

  • To begin cruising, push off with your back foot.
  • Keep your front foot tilted with the toe upward so that your heel is resting on the wheel.
  • Then, lift your back foot into the same position a little behind the front foot.
  • To stop moving, lift your toes higher and drop your heel until the sole of the shoe is touching the ground.
  • Another way to stop is to drop your feet slowly forward to transition into a walk.
What styles do Heelys come in?

Most Heelys have a standard ankle height, though the high-top style is available. Color, pattern, and material choices are numerous, and licensed character styles are also an option. All Heelys have laces, and some come with the option of a single Velcro strap at the top of the ankle.

What sizes do girls Heelys come in?

Sizes available may vary between styles. Girls with larger feet or with different style preferences may want to select from the boys or mens categories. Heelys come in youth sizes that range from 12 to 4. Girls that wear a larger size than 4 can select from womens sizes.

Are the wheels and wheel bearings replaceable?

Whether you are looking for a slightly different style or you need new wheels for your roller shoes, youll be able to replace your wheels. Wheels are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Color options include solid colors, swirled colors, and solid black. Translucent and glitter selections are also available. Each shoe will have the correct type and size of the wheel imprinted within the wheel cavity. The wheel bearings are rated ABEC 5.

What is a Heelys plug for?

A plug is used when the Heelys wheel is removed from the shoe. The wheels can be easily taken out so that girls can wear the Heelys as regular shoes. The plug can help to keep the wheel cavity clean while the wheels are not in use. They are easily removable.

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