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Gas Tanks for KTM 300

The KTM 300 is an off-road motorcycle that rides like a cross between a trail bike and motocross bike. For many people, it is useful to know about the different gas tanks for KTM 300 motorcycles. It is also important to know how to remove and replace the gas tank on your bike.

What brands make gas tanks for KTM 300 bikes?
  • Acerbis
  • IMS
  • Possbay
  • ModQuad
  • Fly Racing
  • Twin Air
  • No Toil
What kind of capacities do these gas tanks have?

The KTM 300 model can hold a variety of different tank sizes. The carrying capacity for these gas containers ranges from 1.3 gallons on the small side to 6.6 gallons on the large end. Some of the tank sizes for the KTM 300 are:

  • 3 gallon
  • 3.2 gallon
  • 3.3 gallon
  • 3.4 gallon
  • 4.1 gallon
  • 6.3 gallon
What colors are KTM 300 tanks available in?

The gasoline tank on the KTM 300 can be customized to an extent. Most tanks are available in standard racing-bike colors and can be chosen to match a bikes color scheme. Some of the available colors are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver
  • White
What materials are tanks made from?

Most KTM 300 gas tanks are manufactured from ABS plastic or rubber. Some tanks may also be constructed from carbon fiber, a lightweight material. Since the type of material for your tank can vary, it is up to you to decide what will work for your situation.

How do you remove the tank on a KTM 300?

Before removing the fuel tank, always be sure to turn the engine off and let it cool completely. Do not refuel the vehicle near open flames. Also, be cautious that no fuel is spilled; if some gasoline does get spilled, be sure to clean it up immediately. Most tanks will have a universal fit for each model. However, please refer to your vehicles manual for additional information. There are several steps to removing the fuel tank:

  • To start the process, first remove the seat.
  • Turn the handle of the fuel tap until it reaches the off position.
  • Pull the hose off; be careful since excess fuel may drain out of the fuel hose.
  • Remove any remaining screws with a collar sleeve.
  • Place the horn and horn bracket to one side so that it is out of your way.
  • Remove remaining screws with the rubber brush.
  • Remove the tube from the tank ventilation line.
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