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GMC Emblems

Since the early 1900s, the GMC logo has represented quality, power, and style. From mirrored polished chrome to billet aluminum, they add a touch of class to your van or truck. If you are looking to upgrade your GMC logo, you should know the available options.

What options are available for the GMC emblem?

There are several types of emblems available for GMC vehicles. Some symbols mount to the vehicle with an adhesive. Others require hardware to hold the weight. The following is a list of emblems available with GMC logos.

  • Billet aluminum: Constructed of lightweight aluminum, these symbols install on the front or rear of the truck with screws or glue.
  • Chrome-plated: Thermoplastic and amorphous polymer are plated with chrome to replicate the emblem produced by the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. They stick to the rear and sides of the truck or van with a bonding agent.
  • Enamel: These designs feature a metal copper base and have a nickel, gold, or chrome plating. Enamel colors bring the symbol to life. Hardware is required to fasten the letters to the truck.
  • Steel: Cast in automotive grade steel, these logos feature a decorative design. They attach to the hood of the car and need hardware to bear its weight.
  • Vinyl decals: The decals are die-cut. They come on professional grade vinyl with a peel-off backing. Decals like the American flag have to be trimmed to fit the letters.
How do you install a GMC emblem?

Installation instructions will differ per manufacturer and emblem type. If you have not removed the logo, use heat to loosen it. Then carefully remove it without scratching the paint. If using glue, check the temperature before preparing the surface. For a secure bond, temperatures should range between 50 to 90 degrees. Decide upon the placement, then use the following steps to install banners requiring a bonding agent.

  • Clean the area with soap and water and let dry. Then apply rubbing alcohol to the surface.
  • Make a line with painter’s tape below the area where you want to place the letters.
  • Apply glue to the back. Some emblems come with glue or tape already on them. In this case, just pull the paper off. For symbols requiring hardware, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Put the emblem on the preferred location and press firmly until it bonds to the truck.
What designs are available for the GMC logo?

From iconic lettering to the American flag, you will discover a wide assortment of GMC logos to suit your style. Before making a decision, check out the size, placement, and mounting choices. You will find a list of available designs below.

  • GMC iconic image: Red lettering with silver trim represents the power of the GMC brand.
  • GMC Swarovski crystals: Genuine Swarovski crystals form the letters GMC to make your truck sparkle.
  • GMC American flag: Show your pride with a GMC American flag logo. The American flag comes on a vinyl sheet and requires you to cut around the letters.