G Scale Model Railroads & Trains

Chug into the Holiday Season with G Scale Model Railroads & Trains!

Nothing speaks holidays more than a model train scene around your Christmas tree. From enhancing your décor to being a fun Christmas game for kids and adults, G Scale model railroads and trains are just what you need to get into the holiday spirit. The large size and hefty look of these models is surely going to amaze the onlookers when placed in the lawn. If you’re in search of a useful Christmas gift for the modeller in your life, eBay’s got you covered. G Scale model railroad locomotives can be a great choice for serious enthusiasts. You can club multiple trains, accessories, and locomotives from different brands on eBay. To add more realism to your set up, enhance it with lights, cars, gates, animal figures, and more. Those running on a budget can check out the Black Friday deals on eBay and make the most of shopping from home.

What are G-scale model trains?

The G in this model railway term got its name from the German word, ""gross,"" which means big. In contemporary times, a lot of people also say the G comes from the phrase ""garden scale"" because G-scale products are so commonly used for garden railways. A G-scale train is any model train that will run on a G-gauge railway. This refers to a railway that has rails spaced 45-millimeters apart.

What brands of G-scale trains and railroads are available?

Since it is one of the standard scales, you can easily find G-scale products. The G-scale ratio is used by these common model train producers.

  • LGB: LGB was the first company to create G-scale model trains.
  • Bachmann: Bachmann is particularly notable for their themed G-scale sets, like ones featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Aristocraft: Aristocrafts items are generally used in outdoor conditions.
  • Lionel: Lionels G-guage product line includes remote controls, whistles, and bell sounds.
  • PIKO: PIKO creates weather-resistant models with a variety of G-scale trains, buildings, and tracks.
  • USA Trains: Both the American and the Work Trains series made by USA Trains use the G scale.
What accessories are there for model G-Scale trains?
  • Tracks: Technically, the definition of G scale mostly refers to the railroad track itself. Any G-gauge track will have a gauge of 45 millimeters.
  • Model locomotives: Trains that run on G gauge have scales of 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, or 1:32, generally.
  • Train cars: You can find both passenger and freight cars in G-scale versions.
  • Buildings:Stations, houses, depots, or other buildings can be included to make your garden railway look more realistic. You can find both modern and historical options.
  • People: Figures for G-scale sets are slightly large so that they look proportional to the G-scale versions.
  • Other accessories: Other G-scale-sized items like lights, gates, scenery, cars, or animals help to add to the realism of your scene.