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Fisheye Camera Lenses for Olympus

How Fisheye Lenses Can Enhance Your Photography

Whether you are jogging along a hiking trail or overlooking a scenic and picturesque beach, a fisheye lens can help you capture images that come with distortion at the edges to create a type of panoramic or hemispherical photo. These lenses are manufactured by many brands, including Olympus, Rokinon, Opteka, and Vivitar, and can be used with both film and digital camera technologies.

Which focus types are these fisheye lenses compatible with?

There are several focus types that you can use these lenses with, including:

  • Autofocus: This focus system is one that will focus on an object automatically, which means that the lens will zoom in or out on an object in the moments before you take the picture. This system works through a combination of the sensor and a small motor that is located in the lens.
  • Manual focus: This is a focus system that must be handled manually, which means that you will need to change the focus of the lens by hand. The movements of this focus system can usually be done on a focus ring that can be found around the middle or base of your lens.
  • Auto/manual: There are some lenses that are designed to accommodate both manual focus and autofocus, usually providing you with a toggle located along the side of the lens that you can use to switch between the two modes.
Which cameras can these fisheye lenses be used with?

A number of camera types are compatible with these lenses:

  • Camcorder: These are video capture devices that can record video in a wide range of different resolutions and are able to accommodate a variety of storage types, from DVD discs and cassette tapes to solid state drives.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a device that allows you to take a picture without needing to alter any settings. This type of camera includes a range of different automatic settings and comes with a retractable lens.
  • Digital SLR: This is a digital device that comes with a digital sensor and can accommodate interchangeable lenses. These models can capture pictures and videos on numerous types of media, including hard drives and memory cards.
  • Mirrorless: This is a device that uses interchangeable lenses and comes without a mirror system within the body, which allows the device to have a small form. They come with digital sensors as well.
  • SLR: This is a still camera that comes equipped with manual settings and mainly uses photographic film for taking pictures. These units consist of an electronic viewfinder as well.
What is the focal length of a fisheye lens?

These lenses are classified as a type of wide-angle lens, which means that they capture a substantial amount of a scene in one shot. The focal length of a lens refers to the distance from the sensor of the device to the lens and can determine how much you can zoom in on an object. Given that these lenses capture wide angles, they usually come with shorter focal lengths. The focal length amounts available with these particular lenses range from 4mm to around 30mm.

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