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EVISU Men's Jeans

Evisu Men’s Jeans

Evisu offers a variety of jeans for men. From a range of washes, styles, and cuts, such as distressed, straight leg, or tapered, Evisu Jeans has several options for adding fashion staples to your wardrobe. Each pair of Evisu jeans is marked with the brand’s signature seagull logo.

What is Evisu?

Evisu is a fashion brand that was founded in 1991 by designer Hidehiko Yamane in Osaka, Japan. The Evisu brand provides clothing options for men and women in addition to jeans, such as jackets and waistcoats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, accessories, and more. Evisu Jeans is known for its premium denim jeans with options for customizable and distressed fabric.

What is quality denim fabric?

Denim is made from a sturdy, cotton-twill fabric that’s commonly used for making jeans-type clothing. Denim fabric is frequently dyed with indigo for different style and color options. Other variations include different washes. Jeans can be washed after the dying process, but they should maintain their color. The fabric can be made to look worn or artificially distressed, giving it a naturally faded, and worn look.

Quality denim jeans should cover these features:

  • Fit: Consider the style of jeans that works for you, such as slim, straight leg, tapered, skinny, and more.
  • Stretch and fabric: Jeans can come in various fabrics. Twills determine how the jeans are woven, and the quality of stitching often determines their durability. Some types of jeans offer a comfortable, elastic fit with extra stretch.
  • Wash: Consider the type of wash, or the look of the dye on the fabric, that you like in jeans. The wash will affect the appearance of your garment and how it ages over time.

What is Japanese denim fabric?

Denim fabric from Japan, such as those used in Evisu jeans, has a reputation for quality construction. This fabric is made on selvage looms in Japan. Selvaging is a process in which the fabric is woven to prevent unraveling. This method produces a tight, dense weave in the jeans’ fabric.

The following characteristics distinguish Japanese denim:

  • Texture: This fabric is made on selvage looms. These looms have a slower weaving process than typical American looms used in commercial fabric production. The Japanese looms produce varied denim that can have a rough or hairy texture that many denim enthusiasts prize.
  • Color: These fabrics have a dyeing process that creates a variation in color for each pair. Over time, the jeans will fade to create a warm color unique to the collection.
  • Weight: Japan produces heavyweight fabrics for durability. Additionally, the thicker material tends to be tough and warm enough for wear in cold weather.
  • Processing: Many companies in Japan eliminate processing after weaving. Processes like sanforization and calendering create softer fabrics, so not using those processes produces a rougher and uneven feel for the jeans during their first few wears. Nevertheless, as a result, the jeans fabric will have an authentic appearance.
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