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Utilize a Dual VGA Video Card for More Efficient Work

VGA is the standard in graphics interfacing immediately recognizable by its trapezoidal, 15-pin design. Advancements in monitor quality and construction have made a two-monitor setup much more common, and a dual VGA video card allows for this configuration without the need for a splitter attachment. A dual VGA also provides no loss of graphical quality, making it ideal for two-monitor rigs.

Will your monitor connect to VGA graphics cards?

Before you attempt to hook up a two-monitor rig and buy a reasonably priced dual VGA video card on eBay, the first thing to decide is whether or not your monitor has the correct connectivity. While VGA is still the standard, some computers only operate in HDMI or another connection type, but its easy to determine which is which.

A VGA-compatible monitor will have a large, 15-pin port, and the connecting cables will all have trapezoidal heads and will also have a 15-pin connector port. While your monitor might have more than one type of cable, it must have this type of connection and cord to connect to single or dual VGA video cards.

How can you pick the correct video card?

Once youve determined your monitors will work with a dual monitor VGA card, youll need to locate the PCI-express slot on the back of your computer and determine if you have enough space in your motherboard to accommodate the video card youre considering buying. Checking the manufacturers site is a prudent step after youve measured your available space to ensure that no components of the dual VGA video card youre looking at will interfere with anything that already exists in your PC.

Will you need software to install a video card?

Unlike other hardware such as a printer or scanner, video cards dont typically come with software for installation. Instead, once you have physically attached the device itself and plugged in the monitors you want to use, youll need to go online and find drivers to install. These are essentially instructions for the device itself from the manufacturer, and most video cards will come with instructions on how to download driver packages to get your video card up and running.

What parameters should you consider before buying a graphics card?

There is a lot that goes into the purchase of a graphics card, especially a video card with two VGA ports. After you have determined compatibility of your monitor and motherboard, youll want to consider what youre using the card for and that will help you decide. Parameters that feed into that decision are:

  • Design - Also known as "architecture", the newer the design of the card, the better it will perform. This goes for both clarity and smoothness of display in general, but particularly with graphics-intensive movies and games.
  • Reference vs. non-reference cooling - Reference cooling is typically direct from the manufacturer, and it expels heat with a single fan out the back of the PC. Non-reference cooling often comes from a secondary company that modifies the video card and expels the heat into the case. This makes your card run better but can stress your CPUs cooling systems.
  • Direct X support - DirectX is very important for gaming enthusiasts but also to anyone who uses multimedia in general. The more recent version of DirectX your dual VGA video card can use, the better your games and movies will look and run.