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DisplayPort Male to DVI-D Dual Link Male Monitor/AV Cables

Reliable DisplayPort Male to DVI D Dual Link Male AV Cables

DisplayPort male to DVI D dual link male AV cables allow you to connect your HDMI-enabled computer to an HDMI-enabled DVI digital display. These DVI cables are available from a variety of brands and are also available unbranded.

What is DisplayPort?

DisplayPort is the uniform interface for many PC systems manufactured after 2006. The DisplayPort connector, at one end of the DVI cable, allows you to connect a computer or a display source to a computer monitor or to any other display device. In addition to carrying audio/visual information, this connector can also carry audio only or information from a USB as well as other forms of data. Below is some technical information on the DisplayPort connector:

  • Hot Pluggable: Yes
  • Audio: Optional; 1 channel to 8 channels, 16-bit or 24-bit linear PCM; 32 kHZ to 192 kHz sampling rate; maximum bitrate 4,608 kbps
  • Video: Maximum resolution determined by the available bandwidth.
  • Pins: 20 pins for external connectors on PC desktops and laptops.
What is DVI D?

DVI D stands for Digital Video Input. The D afterward stands for digital. That means this DVI cable is designed to carry a digital signal. There are also DVI I which carry both a digital and analog signal. DVI I is used for people who want to send a signal to older CRT monitors. If you have a flat panel or LCD monitor, then this DVI cable will satisfy your needs. Some technical specs for the DVI D connector are:

  • Hot Pluggable: Yes
  • Video: Dual link at 2560 by 1600 (WQXGA) at 60 Hz
  • Pins: 29
What does the product look like?

This DVI cable will be a single cable of various lengths. Typically, the cable will be a couple of meters long. At one end of the cable will be a DisplayPort male interface with 20 pins arrayed on two rows and protruding outward. At the other end of the cable will be a DVI D male interface with 24 pins arrayed in three rows of eight pins aligned to the right. On the left side of the DVI D male interface will be four more pins arrayed around one large cross pin. The entire DVI D male interface will be protruding outward.

Are your devices compatible with this product?

While considering the cable, it is important to first check that your computer and your display are compatible. Since the DisplayPort interface was first used in 2006, you should make sure that your PC was manufactured after that date. Check for a female DisplayPort connection on your PC. Then go to your monitor, and check for a female DVI D connection. If you have both connections then this cable will be compatible with your HDMI-enabled computer and your HDMI-enabled monitor.