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Dell Xps 15 Battery

Keep Your Dell XPS 15 Running With a New Battery

Dell created its XPS line as a way to bring you high-performance computers. The XPS 15 is packed with several useful features for work and entertainment. If your computer is no longer holding an adequate charge, a replacement Dell XPS 15 battery from eBay could restore it to working order.

How many cells does the Dell XPS 15 battery have?

The number of cells in a computer battery can vary. Most Dell XPS 15 battery packs have at least six cells. Each cell in a battery contributes to the overall charge of the battery. You may be able to estimate how long one full charge of your Dell XPS 15 battery will last thanks to its cells, but this also depends on how much power you are using per hour. If you would like to find a battery with a different number of cells, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to sort through the listings based on the cell count.

What kind of battery is the Dell XPS 15?

The reasonably priced Dell XPS 15 batteries youll find on eBay have a lithium-ion composition. Li-ion batteries are just one of several types of rechargeable batteries that you might use for electronics. Some of the potential advantages you might experience thanks to lithium-ion batteries are:

  • Capacity - The composition of lithium-ion batteries and their structure typically means they can hold a high-capacity charge that should last for several hours under normal conditions.
  • Memory effect - Most batteries have a memory effect. The memory effect can slowly lower the ceiling of the charge over time. Li-ion batteries exhibit little to no memory effect most of the time and can charge to their full capacity each time.
  • Slow discharge - A Dell XPS 15 battery may discharge at a slow rate depending on the tasks youre performing with your computer and how much power it needs.
How can you measure the batterys capacity?

Most rechargeable batteries are measured in milliamperes per hour. This measurement gives you an estimate of how much power the battery uses each hour under normal operating conditions. You can use this method to get a handle on how many hours of power the Dell XPS 15 battery has on a single charge. Note that this number may change depending on what you are doing with your XPS 15. If you are running a lot of programs simultaneously, they will each require power from the battery. Some programs drain the battery faster than others.

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