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Dell 16:10 Computer Monitors

Finding the Right 16:10 Computer Monitor

Maybe your monitor is cracked or damaged or perhaps youre just ready to upgrade to a different display. Whatever the case might be, a Dell 16:10 monitor can fit the bill. Its 16:10 aspect ratio details with the width and the height of the model and it is one of the most common types when it comes to monitors.

What Are Some Features of These Monitors?

A monitor isnt just a display for your computer. These displays have numerous features that help enhance your usage and make gaming, streaming media, or just browsing the Internet more enjoyable.

  • When you stare at a screen for too long, your eyes can start to become fatigued, so anti-glare features can help to reduce eye strain and minimize fatigue. It also helps you to see the display in more detail under harsh or bright lighting conditions.
  • Built-in speakers eliminate the need for purchasing external speakers.
  • When you want to save space, consider a wall-mountable, ultra-thin design instead of placing your monitor on your desk.

Which Connectivity Inputs Are Available?

Plugging in peripherals is one of the main ways that many of us use our monitors, so what types of inputs can you expect from Dell LCD monitors? There are multiple ways to connect everything from smartphones to printers.

  • Most displays are equipped with a standard HDMI port. This is used for connecting computers to televisions and is standard for most televisions but is also seen on monitors. You can use other ports for this same purpose, including a DisplayPort or VGA.
  • Depending on how new or old the unit is, it may also come equipped with DVI-D or DVI ports, which are other ways to hook up a monitor to a TV.
  • USB ports are meant for many purposes, whether its charging your smartphone or hooking up to your printer, scanner, or external hard drive.

Which Models Should You Consider?

Youll want to choose the right option for your device, whether you select by features, compatibility, screen size, or connectivity.

  • Consider the quality of the images youll see as you play games, edit photos, or stream video content. This means selecting a model with a high pixel resolution for sharp and crisp details and rich video, like the UltraSharp U2412M that has a resolution of 1920 by 1200 and renders HD images.
  • The U2415 option includes a base that allows you to swivel and tilt the display for customizable adjustments. Other features include a 24.1-inch screen and a USB hub for connecting multiple peripherals at once.
  • Check into the 22-inch widescreen E228WFP model that includes VGA and DVI ports, along with a resolution of 1680 by 1050.

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