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David Clark Headsets and Earpieces

David Clark Headsets and Earpieces

David Clark headsets and earpieces provide you with equipment thats used in combination with a computer for watching videos or listening to music. These headsets by David Clarke are outfitted with a wide array of features, including noise cancellation functionality and volume control. These models have a single 6.35-millimeter jack that you can use to plug into any system that you are using alongside the device.

What are some features of these headsets?

These headsets are equipped with a variety of features, such as the inclusion of noise cancellation technology to help block out ambient sounds when using them. All models include large foam head pads that allow you to wear them for lengthy periods of time. The ear seals within these David Clark headsets are typically outfitted with comfort gel material that helps keep the headset secure when wearing it. Each device comes with a volume control knob that is easy to turn and allows you to mute if necessary. The universal flex boom that attaches to the headset allows you to position the microphone at any angle. These headsets are designed to be lightweight, which is why they are equipped with only essential features.

What is a boom mic?

The microphones attached to these models are referred to as boom devices, meaning that the item is attached to a boom, which is an extendable and adjustable arm that allows you to place the microphone at any position you like. When you are speaking to someone such as air traffic control, you can position the boom in front of your mouth and quickly slide it back to a different position when you are finished.

Which colors are available with these headsets?

These headsets are available in several colors, the most common of which is a combination of green and black. Other color options available with David Clark models include brown, white, and camouflage. The ear cups are always black.

What is an aviation headset?

The David Clark headsets known as aviation headsets can be used for a wide range of applications. These types of headsets are typically worn by pilots to reduce ambient noise from the airflow, blade, or engine when flying. Aircraft pilots can also use these headsets to enhance communication with other people in the aircraft, as they allow intra-cabin and radio communication. These systems mechanically block sound waves from entering your ear and include a tight seal that envelopes your ears. Overall, noise levels can be reduced by up to 20 decibels with these aviation headsets.

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