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Color Dot Matrix Printers

Helpful Information About Color Dot Matrix Printers

Color dot matrix printers allow you to print out documents, charts, artwork, and any other information quickly and economically. These devices are available from a number of manufacturers and come in an array of colors, models, and styles. The color printers may come with a variety of accessories, too.

What brands are available?

Color dot matrix printers are available from a number of brands. Within each brand, a number of different models of dot matrix printers are also available. Additionally, the brand may offer various printer accessories. Below is a list of brands that offer color dot matrix printers.

  • OKI
  • Epson
  • Panasonic
  • Citizen
  • Star Micronics
What is a dot matrix printer?

A dot matrix color printer is an impact printer that uses a horizontally moving print head to strike the paper via an ink-soaked ribbon. Dot matrix printers are preferred for people who need to print on multi-page forms since the impact printing process can produce a carbon copy. They are ideal for situations where you need to print many pages and you dont need high-print quality. These can be used for printing a manuscript, a screenplay, or similar documents.

What accessories are required?

Dot matrix printers will require a number of accessories in order to fully function. Those accessories will include an AC adaptor, printer ribbon, and paper or card stock. If the printer is not wireless-capable, you will also need some type of cable to connect the printer to your computer or other device.

What connective options are there?

The matrix printer can be connected to a computer a number of different ways. Printers will have at least one connectivity option to offer. Those connectivity options include the following: Bluetooth, Ethernet, FireWire, HP Jetdirect, USB, serial port, parallel port, and wireless. If you have a specific connectivity preference, then you can shop for a model by connectivity.

What is the speed capability?

The speed of a dot matrix printer is measured in characters per second (CPS). A printer can range in speed from 50 cps to 500 cps. A higher quality print will have a lower print speed. On most dot matrix printers, you can set print quality, thus affecting the print speed. In addition to these settings, the overall print quality is determined by the number of pins being used during the print process. Pin count can vary from nine to 24 pins.