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Coach Shoes for Men

Mens Coach Shoes

Renowned for their craftsmanship and style, mens Coach shoes give their wearers a certain status in the fashion world. This footwear is available in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find a pair for any given purpose or function. When shopping, make sure to take proper sizing into account to ensure a good fit and dependable comfort.

What Type of Mens Shoes Does Coach Manufacture?

Coach manufactures footwear for almost any occasion. The brands varied styles of mens footwear include sneakers, high tops, boots, loafers, and sandals.

  • Coach Sneakers: A staple because of their all-day comfort, these come designed for everyday wear and slide on and off wearers feet. They are typically paired with casual clothing and look best when worn with jeans or slacks. Signature sneakers are Coachs flagship shoe style, and they feature the brands logo on jacquard fabric with leather trim.
  • Coach Sandals: Add style to your summertime look with a pair of Coach sandals. Both breathable and comfortable, these sandals are well-suited for the warmer months.
  • Coach Loafers: A welcome addition to any wardrobe. Loafers slip on and off and work well for casual wear. The Walter Driver is a classic Coach loafer; it features a soft-pebbled leather and is hand-finished to ensure long-wearing comfort.

How Do I Care For My Coach Shoes?

To preserve the life of your footwear, it is important to practice proper care. To do so, Coach provides cleaners and moisturizers for both leather and suede materials. Prior to cleaning, it is important to check the shoes recommended cleaning method to protect against damage.

  • Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner: Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner safely spot-cleans leather. Apply directly to the material using circular strokes with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Suede Cleaner: Remove stains, dirt, and marks from suede with a specialized suede cleaner. You can brush softly with it, while for tougher stains, use a suede eraser prior to brushing.
  • Wax-based Polish: Using a waxed-based polish, beeswax, or mink oil can help maintain the appearance of a shoes leather. Use it by applying it with a soft, clean cloth in a circular motion.

How Can I Ensure the Purchase of Authentic Coach Shoes?

Coach shoes are appreciated for their durability and innovative designs. Due to their high price tag, replicas have hit the market. To avoid purchasing knock-offs, make sure you know how to spot these unauthentic designer shoes.

  • Shoe Logo: Inspect the logo. If the shoes have a signature Coach pattern, make sure the print features capital "Cs." You should also check the shoes label for any misspellings. The labels text should be clear, evenly spaced, and aligned.
  • Metal Hardware: Coach hardware is generally made of brass, nickel, and gunmetal. Avoid substandard materials, as this is indicative of fake footwear.
  • Shoe Stitching: Examine the stitching, since authentic shoes should have sturdy, clean stitching.

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