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Charter Cable TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Charter Cable TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Charter is a cable company that provides its TV customers with a remote that helps operate its cable box. When installing Charter cable, you need to use this remote control by programming a code that allows it to sync up with your TV. Understanding how this item works and the types of remote controls on the market will help you to choose one that can fit your needs.

How do Charter cable remotes work?

Charter installs their service in your home and provides you with a remote control that you must program to work with your specific device. Typically, this requires programming a unique code into the remote. This code helps to sync the device up to your TV’s cable box and makes it possible to search through the channel listings set up by Charter.

Usually, you get one remote for every home TV that is hooked up to services. Each remote requires a different code, meaning that it cannot usually be used with other TV sets in your home. Losing or breaking one of these remote controls can mean that you will need to get a replacement control device that you can program to work with your TV’s cable box.

What devices do Charter remotes control?

There are many other devices that you can control using a Charter TV remote. They usually have buttons and codes that must be used to operate them. A remote control for these items is often universal, meaning it can be used on multiple items. As a result, you may be able to manage your TV’s video and home audio needs without buying multiple remote accessories.

That said, other types of remotes can hook up to different kinds of TVs in a useful way. Just a few of the accessories which you can use with remotes by this television provider include the following products:

  • 3D TV sets
  • Home projection screens
  • Cable boxes
  • Flatscreen televisions
  • Home theater systems with surround sound
Which types of specific models are available?

When buying a replacement remote control for your television, it is essential to check the model number of your old one. This number lets you know what kind you need to buy to replace it. Just as importantly, you need to make sure that it has the same type of buttons that will allow you to program the replacement code. Just a few of the products you can get to replace your old model include the following:

  • Universal Remote C4000
  • OCAP Four-Device Controller
  • Spectrum CLIKR-5 Universal Remote
  • Four-Device Remote 1060BC3-0780-001-R
  • Universal Controller TV DVD CBL
  • Universal Controller A108 OH/S 1-2
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