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Charger for Hitachi Camcorder

Keep Your Hitachi Camcorder Powered Up with a Battery Charger

One of the many advantages of camcorders is that they are conveniently battery-powered. Using a charger for Hitachi camcorders will help you capture spontaneous moments like a childs graduation or a loved ones birthday. You can mount your camcorder battery in the item to restore its power after hours of recording things.

How do you use a camcorder battery charger?

Each time your Hitachi camera batteries start to run low, you can use these steps to put power back into them.

  • Step 1: Remove the battery from the camera by sliding it out of the camcorder.
  • Step 2: Insert the battery into the charging area. It should click into place.
  • Step 3: Fold the plugs out if necessary. Not all items will require this step.
  • Step 4: Plug the cord or charger into the wall.
  • Step 5: Wait until charging is complete.
  • Step 6: Reinstall the battery in your camera.
How long does the charger take to finish charging?

Charging time can vary depending on which item you have, the age of your batteries, and the charge remaining in the batteries. Generally, it takes between two to four hours to charge completely empty batteries until they are completely full. You can tell when the batteries are fully charged by looking at the lights on the charger. They will change from red to green when charging is complete.

What are the dimensions of the charger?

The dimensions may depend on which type of device you select. Some travel-sized ones may be as small as 41 by 36 by 17 millimeters in size and weigh as low as 36 grams. However, there are also bulkier options that can be up to 150 millimeters in length. Options that have a cord attached may be a few feet in total length due to the added length from the cord.

How do you find a charger for your camcorder?

Read the model number on your Hitachi camcorder carefully to make sure you are getting a charger compatible with your model. Several models, such as the DZ-MV350, DZ-MV550, and DZ-MV580 all use the same type. Once you find one that fits your camera, make sure it matches the outlets in the area you will be using the device. You can then select additional features like surge protection, plugs for charging in a car, or travel-sized options for further convenience. You can choose either a corded or cordless model depending on your own preferences.

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