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Chairs and Stools for Office Seating Comfort

If youre looking for a simple task chair; a luxurious, reclining, leather version with a headrest and footstool; economical seating for guests; or even a chair for serious gaming, eBay has a huge variety of new and used options for your business or home office. For help in choosing an affordable chair and stool that?s right for you, check out these answers to common questions.

What types of chairs are there in this category?

Each type of furniture is best applied to a particular situation. Versatile seating options offered on eBay include:

  • Reclining chairs: These usually have a generous height and feature copious padding along with backs that can lean backward or forward. In addition, they often come with stools for your feet.
  • Office task chairs: These seats come with different back heights and generally have five wheels that allow you to move them from place to place. They often have multiple controls that you can adjust to find an ideal position for back support.
  • Stacking seats: These practical items are compact, so they can be placed on top of each other for storage. They are ideal for situations in which youll need to deploy a lot of places to sit in a short period of time.
  • Guest chairs: These types of chairs are commonly seen in waiting rooms and offices. They have a modicum of padding, and they are used to keep guests comfortable in your office or give patients a place to read magazines while they wait for their doctors appointment. They come in a variety of muted tones.
  • Ergonomic kneeling chairs: Seats with this design are backless, but they do have knee cushions for comfort as you kneel on them at a 90-degree angle.
Are some chairs made specifically for gaming?

Yes, some of the seating furniture in this category is designed specifically with gaming in mind. These types of chairs are usually built for heavy use, and they may have special ergonomic features. In addition, they often sport bright colors and masculine, angular designs.

How do you pick the right chair?

Youll need to carefully consider your intended purposes to find the right chair. If you spend hours a day typing at a keyboard, you might want to choose a sturdy task chair with back support. If you just need short-term seats for guests, you may opt for a simple, basic style.