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Cell Phone LCD Screens for Nokia Lumia 800

Replacements for Nokia Lumia 800 LCD Screens

If you have recently dropped or broken your smartphones display, it might be time to start shopping for a phone display replacement. LCD screen replacements often allow you to have a working phone again without having to pay for an entirely new smartphone. Smartphones are very precise digital instruments, so you will need to select a smartphone screen that is specifically made for a Nokia Lumia 800 cell phone.

What parts come with an LCD display?

When you purchase cell phone LCD screens for Nokia Lumia 800 phones, it may come with the following options:

  • LCD Display: This is the most basic part of the display. It is the flat sheet that will display images on your smartphone.
  • Touch Screen Digitizer: The digitizer is a piece that converts pressure into movement on the displays. It will be a flat glass-like surface that goes over the LCD display.
  • Frame: The frame fits around the edge of the display to help hold it in place.
  • Assembly Tools: Some options include the tools needed to replace the display.
  • Proximity Sensor: This is a sensor that detects when something is near the display, and it is used to keep the smartphone awake during calls and other uses.
What are the specifications for a Nokia Lumia screen?

Nokia Lumia 800 phone displays have a measurement of 3.7 inches, which is the distance diagonally across the phone display. The resolution for the standard Nokia Lumia 800 display is 480 x 800 pixels, which means that it has a size of 252 pixels per inch.

What is an LCD display?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It is a type of very thin display that is used on both computers and smartphones. Within the display for a phone are several layers containing a liquid crystal solution. The phone projects light through these crystals to produce images on the smartphone.

How do you choose an LCD display?

When selecting the display for your Nokia Lumia 800, you should consider these factors:

  • Check your smartphones model: Double check that you have a Lumia 800, not a Lumia 820 or any other similar yet slightly different model. Your smartphones model must match the model of the display.
  • Determine if you need the digitizer: If the top panel is still working and unbroken while the bottom panel is cracked or blackened, then you do not need to select a screen that combines the digitizer and display.
  • Decide if you are going to install it yourself: You will not need the assembly tools included unless you plan to install the case yourself.
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