Cell Phone Cases, Covers and Skins for Apple

New Cell Phone Cases, Covers and Skins for Apple

Having an iPhone is definitely a priced possession and so it’s important to protect it from minor scratches and cracks. While looking for covers, cases or phone skins for your iPhone, you shouldn’t miss out on the Black Friday deals running on eBay. You will find a wide range of new, used, and refurbished iPhone covers on eBay. They are available in plenty of colors and designs. Christmas is around the corner, and the last thing you want is a damaged iPhone. You could also get iPhone covers in various designs and colors and turn it into a Christmas gift for friends and family.

What types of protective cases are there?

Plenty of people looking for iPhone 7 plus cases on eBay want a case, cover, or skin that will protect their phone from damage. This is where impact cases and other protective cases come in. Certain technologies allow for cases or covers to be very protective without being very bulky. Yet, the level of protection you need will often depend on your lifestyle and needs. Some of the main types of protective cases are:

  • Impact cases: These are designed to help your phone resist damage from drops and cracks. Some of these cases have silicone cushioning that absorbs shock and reduces the likelihood of your phone sustaining damage.
  • Waterproof cases: If you are someone who often runs the risk of dropping your phone in water, a waterproof case may be your answer. These cases cover the phone screen as well as sealing over any porous areas. They do tend to be slightly larger than impact-only cases.
Thin cases for easy storage

Some phone owners, including those looking for cheap iPhone cases on eBay, prefer a thinner aesthetic case or skin. These thin cases or skins can be made of a range of materials, including plastic, leather, and silicone. Some are designed to be decorative only while others include some impact protection. There are endless designs to choose from for iPhone 7 case eBay buyers. iPhone cases with impact protection will usually have an edge that extends slightly past the screen. This way, if the phone falls screen-first, it's less likely to shatter.

Folding cases for versatility

If you prefer to keep your wallet and phone in one place, folding iPhone 7 plus cases on eBay are available for purchase too. These cases have a portion that encases the phone as well as a fold-over section that has space for credit cards and IDs. They are often made of leather or suede. When folded, these cases look like a wallet. Folding cases add some degree of screen protection as well and may be well-suited for people who prefer to simplify their lives with a phone and wallet combination.

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