Cell Phone Case/Cover With Belt Loop for Nokia

How to Find a Phone Case with a Belt Loop

Trying to keep up with your smartphone while youre on the job or running errands can be a hassle, especially when youre trying to dig around in your pockets or purse to answer it before it stops ringing. One solution to this problem is to slip your Nokia phone into a case with a belt loop, so you have access to your phone in seconds when you need it.

What Are Some Types of Belt-Loop Phone Cases?

When you have a Lumia or another model by this brand, there are numerous belt-loop case types from which to choose. All of them include a loop or clip design feature that makes reaching for your mobile a breeze, so you never miss a call or text again.

  • Wallet cases give you more than just a basic case because they offer slots where you can keep your phone along with credit cards, your ID, and a few dollars, so you can just take the essentials along when necessary.
  • A pouch cover lets you slip your phone into a soft carrying case cover, and the closure flips over it to secure it. A loop on the back then lets you slip the case cover onto your belt loop.
  • A fitted case may not have a loop but instead has a clip that you can slip onto your belt. These are sometimes referred to as holsters.

What Features Are Available?

Choosing a compatible cover for your phone means you must weigh a variety of factors including design, color, features, and price in order to make the right decision, and there are a few features that you may be interested in when youre looking for the right cover.

  • When youre looking for a rugged, protective case, consider a shockproof, water-resistant, and dustproof design. Some of these even include a built-in screen protector.
  • A compatible model with a kickstand lets you flip the case up and rest your phone against it in order to view content or take phone calls or voice chats without having to hold your phone.
  • When you need to gain access to your ports or inputs, choose a model with cut-outs that allow you to plug in earbuds or turn up the volume without having to remove your phone from its cover.

Which Brands Make Belt Loop Cases?

Youll want to look into a few different brands that make clip or belt loop options for added functionality and convenience.

  • OtterBox offers protective accessories, and its Defender model with a holster allows you to clip your Nokia Lumia to your belt and has features like shock resistance and a screen protector.
  • For a more elegant look, consider a leather Reiko case that lets you slide your smartphone onto your belt loop vertically for something a little different.
  • Luxmo crafts cases that complement every type of look, and they come in black or brown leather options.

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