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Cases, Covers and Skins for iPhone 4s

Cases, Covers, and Skins for iPhone 4s

Case covers and protective sleeves for iPhones can help you maintain your phone and protect it from dirt and spills. Depending on the material, these products can also prevent chips, scratches, and other flaws that can ruin a phone after it has been dropped. If you are looking for protection for your phone, cases, covers, and skins for iPhone 4s phones are available.

What are the material options?

Material options include plastic, material, silicone, or leather. Some options are the hybrid carbon fiber case, a rubber matte case hard case, and a leather wallet case that comes in various designs.

Different design options include glossy, jeweled, plain, and patterned. You will find hard cases that include neutral tones, such as various black colors and different shades of white. Multiple traditional colors are included on many case designs as well, and most of these products will have a design scheme that highlights two-tone colors.

What are the design options?

Designer flip cases will cover your Apple phone with a hard plastic or metal cover. The housing on this case has practical flip mechanisms. A case with a clip can hold a lightweight phone. The clip on this kind of case is constructed out of material like plastic or metal. Compact cases that can fit in a pocket are options for consumers as well; this product line includes a variety of wallet cases.

What are the general features?

Some covers, cases, and skins for the Apple iPhone offer a lightweight coating. Lightweight coatings are usually made from material like leather. There are also thicker covers that are made out of stainless steel or plastic. Other features are also included with a typical case, such as a kickstand and a card pocket. The kickstand is an accessory for general routines, as the kickstand mechanism can hold a housing in place. Kickstand cases are designed with a mechanism that folds away. A card pocket is usually mounted somewhere on the main case housing near a kickstand. This compartment can secure business cards and other accessories.

What are the mounting options?

Many cases are designed with lightweight material that bends. These cases can be mounted over a phone by wrapping the gel material around the housing. Cases that are made of dense plastic have mechanisms that snap in place. Plastic and gel cases are specifically designed for certain phones, and you can select a proper accessory by considering the general measurement specs for a phone.