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Cases, Bags and Covers for Canon IXUS

Protect Your Canon IXUS Equipment with Cases, Bags, and Covers

Store your Canon IXUS camera, lens, tubes, and other equipment in tightly sealed cases, bags, and covers. Keep your memory cards and other accessories safe at the same time as well.

What types of Canon IXUS protective storage are available?

A range of indoor and outdoor safekeeping options will keep all your equipment protected from weather elements. Some choices for storing your photography equipment include these cases, bags, and covers:

  • Canvas backpack: This one could store your IXUS camera and accessories as well as your laptop if you want to take digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) pictures and save them onto your hard drive. It provides a shield against rain, mist, foliage debris, pollen, dirt, sand, and dust. A canvas bag can also reduce impact upon a bump or drop and wipes clean with a damp cloth.
  • Dry cabinet: This storage unit with shelves has a rapid dehumidification function that works using a thermoelectric cooling system. It can help prevent mold, fungus, rust, mildew, and other damage from occurring, and most cabinets keep your equipment at about a 20% to 60% humidity range. Using this kind of storage unit could also prevent warping.
  • Leather cases: This type of case helps prevent unit discoloration and often has an interior lining for protection against scratches. These also usually have battery and memory card slot openings on the bottom.
  • Portable bags: They usually are made from materials like canvas or other fabric that can protect your equipment from moisture. You might find some that have both a handle and a strap.
  • Plastic covers: These nonporous shields usually fit snugly onto a compact camera, can help keep out rain, and offer protection against impact when dropped.
What storage features do Canon bags, cases, and covers have?

Often, these bags, cases, and covers provide you with compartments for storing memory cards. If you have a camera that takes film, you will be able to store that in it as well. You also might find pockets, and larger spaces are where you would place lenses, extension tubes, caps, and other accessories. Additional features include one or more of the following:

  • Carabiner: Use this clip to hang your digital camera from your belt loop or a hook on your backpack. This provides you a way to house your camera in its case in between uses.
  • Built-in USB port:: Charge your camera inside certain backpacks between photo sessions.
  • Adjustable shelves: Arrange your photography items in your cabinets however you want.
  • Tempered glass door:: Allow you to see inside a storage cabinet while reducing the chance of a glass breakage.
  • Power-saving technology - Some dehumidifier shelving units work using only 8 watts of power.
Is there room in digital camera bags for everyday supplies?

Some bags have a divider that will separate your photography equipment from your clothes, food, and grooming supplies. This is useful for backpacking trips, when you are camping, or any other time you travel.

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