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Cartier Men's Fragrances

Cartier Mens Fragrances: The Go-To for Sophisticated Men

One of the many luxury brands, and known for its luxury jewelry and watches, Cartier is a French fashion and jewelry house that branched out into the world of perfumes as well. From signature scents to complement an elegant look to fresh notes for those moments youre longing for simplicity, you can have it with fragrances for men from the French brand.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Options?

From eau de parfum to eau de toilette and aftershaves, these French scents are available in multiple forms, all of them featuring the same powerful character.

  • Declaration LEau:Mixing juicy citruses with creamy woody notes, Declaration LEau is available in 50 and 100 ml versions. Perfect for summer days, it was launched in 2014 as the successor of Declaration from 1998.
  • LEnvol: a cologne inspired by the aromas of the Orient, LEnvol is powerful and masculine, wrapping you in a misty cloud of musk with touches of honey. The fragrance is available in 50 and 80 ml versions.
  • Pasha: Launched in 1992, Pasha is one of the signature scents of the French fashion house. The perfume is woody with top notes of mandarin orange, lavender, and mint.
  • Santos: Another signature scent, Santos was created in 1981 and was the first fragrance for men produced by the fashion house. Suitable for evening wear, it mixes base notes of carnation, sandalwood, and patchouli with lavender and juniper top notes.
  • Les Heures de Cartier: This unisex scent, launched in 2009, has a fruity aroma enhanced by dashes of pink pepper and grenadine. Les Heures is only available in 75 ml flacons.

What Is the Difference Between Mens Perfume and Cologne?

Many men find it difficult to choose a fragrance because of the multiple categories available and the different concentrations. The term "fragrance" is a generic one, and the main types available include:

  • Cologne: Light and often fruity and fresh, this type generally lasts for approximately two hours.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): Featuring a light composition of about 5 to 15 percent perfume essence, eau de toilette lasts for about three hours.
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): This is often the product most commonly referred to as "perfume." It contains about 15 to 20 percent pure essence and lasts for five to eight hours.
  • Parfum:This is the most concentrated type available. It can last for up to 24 hours on a single application, but it can be a bit oily because it contains 20 to 30 percent pure essence.
  • Aftershave: Not a fragrance per se, aftershave is a liquid product that is often scented and used to calm the skin after shaving. It may come in a balm or spray version, and it shouldnt be confused with a deodorant.

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