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Car and Truck Performance Chips

Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, you can find car and truck performance chips that will work for you. Performance chips, as the name implies, act as tuners that enhance various aspects of your vehicles performance, primarily in relation to engine power and torque. Several performance chip brands and models, such as DiabloSport, the Bully Dog Tuner, or Hypertech power programmers, will each offer various benefits.

What types of performance chips are there?

All performance chips are designed to increase the overall power and performance of your car or truck engine. While most of these chips have the same end goal, they can function in different ways. As such, all chips that boost vehicle performance are divided into two main categories. The categories denote how much customization youll have over your engines performance, so you should consider the benefits of each one.

  • Control modules: These are a type of performance chip that is permanently part of the engine control unit. A control module is responsible for modifying information sent from the sensors of your vehicle to the unit. The module receives the information and modifies it, with the intention of increasing the power of your truck. The engine receives such information as fuel ratios, spark timing, and other functions, and uses it to increase performance.
  • Power programmer/performance programmer: Performance programmers act as tuners to intercept and modify information coming from the trucks sensor array. The tuner plugs into a port under your dashboard and allows you to choose from a series of on-screen questions relating to your vehicles performance.
What impact does using a truck performance chip have?

Fortunately, there are no adverse effects to using power programmers to increase your truck or cars performance. In fact, having a chip on your engine control unit may prevent some serious issues from occurring in the first place.

  • Horsepower: One of the primary impacts of using power programmers or performance programmers is an increase in the horsepower of your vehicle. These power programmers work to maximize the energy that would not otherwise be used. They do this by optimizing fuel ratios or other things, such as the timing of ignition. A chip may also act as a sort of safeguard by correcting improper ratios in fuel and air.
  • Fuel efficiency: Such a chip can also increase fuel efficiency and gas mileage. They do this by monitoring ratios and lessening the overall power your truck needs to produce during combustion.
What other enhancement accessories are available?

Aside from installing and using power programmers, there are various tuning and calibration tools you can use to gauge the level of benefits each new feature can provide. Brands like Superchips make devices designed for both calibration and tuning, such as the Superchips GM calibration tool or the Superchips Flashpaq tuning device.