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Car and Truck Dash Parts

Car and truck dash parts are designed to provide your interior with added aesthetic appeal while also protecting your nearby electronics. They also help to control the comfort of the vehicles interior. The parts that go into the front panel of your vehicle may be made by the original equipment manufacturer with the intent to replace a worn or damaged part or by an independent manufacturer to upgrade the standard equipment that was already in the car.

What are the types of car and truck dash parts?
  • Dashboard panels: Dashboard panels may become scratched, dented, or dinged. If you were in a front-end collision, the panel may have cracked. Replacing it restores the aesthetics and integrity of the cabin.
  • Stereo kits: If you plan to install an aftermarket stereo system that doesnt fit into your existing dash, youll need to purchase an installation kit that contains the necessary harness and mounts to securely hold your new face component in place and make it appear as though its a natural part of the dash.
How do you choose car and truck dash parts?
  • Select the manufacturer: Choose original equipment manufacturers such as Dodge, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Cadillac, Chrysler, or Mercedes for auto parts such as the front plastic panel.
  • Choose the type of part: Choose the piece of equipment that you need or want to replace or upgrade. Consider whether you want the precision standards of the original equipment manufacturer for fitting the equipment into your automobile, such as for a dash cover.
How do you install a car radio in the dashboard?

Radio dash kits are a common type of equipment that you may want to install. Some automobiles come with only a standard radio. To put in a new radio:

  • Disconnect the negative terminal from the autos battery.
  • Use pry tools to remove the face plate of the old radio.
  • Unscrew any screws with the proper type of screwdriver.
  • Remove all of the plastic trim pieces, including the knobs.
  • Pull out the components.
  • Lift out the stereo assembly.
  • Unplug the stereo connections.

It may help to take a picture of how the wires go so that you can easily wire the new radio. Match up the color-coded wires of the new stereo with the harnesses in your automobile. Crimp the wires as you connect them. Bundle matching wires with electrical tape. Ground the stereo and restore power. Install the trim and face plates.