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Canon 35mm SLR Film Cameras

Shooting with Film Using 35mm SLR Cameras

Cameras have come a long way since the first released in the late 19th century and, with digital technology constantly improving, digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras now come with a vast range of exciting features. But for many photographers, the allure of film cameras is still strong, offering a slower and more thoughtful approach to photography. SLR film cameras still have some advantages over their digital counterparts, and you can often pair SLR camera bodies with your existing digital lens kit.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Film Camera?

Options can be quite limited when it comes to buying a new SLR camera that uses film, but there are lots of vintage and secondhand cameras on the market that will still do the job. Keep in mind that some SLR film camera bodies are compatible with your existing digital lenses, so make sure the camera body is autofocus-enabled if you already have AF lenses.

  • Unlike digital SLRs, the camera you select wont play a big role in the quality of images you can capture, but it will determine the ease with which you can manipulate certain functions on the camera body.
  • Some will allow you to achieve certain shutter speeds or metering modes that others may not, as well as affect the continuous shooting speeds and autofocusing modes that are available.
  • There are a few brands known for their film cameras, or you can look for Canon FD mount cameras that are compatible with all of the brands FD lenses. Canon EOS is another line of single-lens reflex cameras manufactured to use 35mm film until 1996.

Why Are Film Cameras Still Relevant?

With all of the capabilities of digital cameras and the post-processing possibilities the technology offers, you may think that film cameras have become redundant. However, thats far from the truth with many photographers still opting to shoot with film thanks to its higher dynamic range, higher resolutions, and the art of capturing photographs.

  • Film generally delivers a higher dynamic range than digital cameras, which makes it a good choice if youre interested in black-and-white photography.
  • A film camera can often achieve higher resolutions than its digital counterpart, and it is more forgiving when it comes to minor focusing and exposure problems.
  • Because you have a limited number of exposures on each roll of film, you need to carefully think about the shot its composition, lighting, and exposure rather than fixing it through digital post-processing later.

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