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Camera Neoprene Cases, Bags & Covers for Nikon

Neoprene Cases Designed to Protect Your Nikon Camera

A variety of different neoprene camera cases for cameras are available in a range of different colors and styles. Covers and cases offered feature a variety of different features and compartments to protect cameras, with some including soft exteriors and others featuring several compartments for accessories. Some of the products listed are specifically designed as covers for only the exterior of the camera, while others are designed as bags with attachable straps.

What are some of the different colors and styles available?

The neoprene camera cases and covers come in both solid-colored and patterned designs. One product featuring a solid-color design is the FoRapid Soft Neoprene Camera Lens Case, which features a black color. One of the patterned designs featured in the Nikon cases is camouflage. This design used in products features a tan, brown, and green camouflage pattern. Some of the cases feature flaps that are a different color than the body of the case. The availability of different colors and designs for individual models varies between listings. Some of the solid colors available include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Gray
What are some of the protective features?

The neoprene cases have a range of different features to protect cameras and accessories depending on the individual model. Select products are designed to resist dust, bumps, scratches, and mild impacts. Some of these cases also feature a flap to secure the camera inside. Other cases may feature stretch neoprene to fit a camera inside. Elastic neoprene covers are used in some of the products offered and many feature water-resistant materials. In addition, a lanyard that can be attached to the case is included. Select camera cases available may include lanyards.

Do some cases include multiple compartments?

Select camera cases for cameras available include multiple compartments for the storage of additional items. One example of a case with additional compartments is the Bower Digital Camera Deluxe Padded Case Bag. This case for cameras features a primary compartment accessible through the top of the case sized to fit a camera. It also features side pockets that are able to hold additional items. The case is made of nylon and comes with a shoulder strap. The availability of weather resistance in cases for cameras with multiple compartments varies between product listings. The number of pockets varies between items with multiple compartments. Not all cases for cameras available feature multiple compartments.

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