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Camera Leather Skins/Armors

Help Protect Your Camera With Leather Skin Armor

If you are out looking for that perfect photo at the next barbeque or at the park, leather camera armor may help protect your camera from the elements. Many different styles of leather skin armor are available. Find an accessory for protecting your photography device that suits your needs within this large selection.

What is a leather camera skin?

Camera armor is a type of accessory that is used to protect photography equipment from damage. These types of accessories protect photography devices from scratches, falls, and other types of damage or debris. These skins fit closely to the body of the camera, and there are models available for most types of cameras made by major manufacturers. These accessories may be interchanged if you want to use a different style with your photography device.

Do these skins come in multiple colors?

Yes, this type of leather armor comes in a variety of colors:

  • Brown: Brown is the most common color in which these accessories are offered. Brown armor is usually made from naturally treated leather or leather that has been stained brown with dye. Different hues of brown armor are available.
  • Black: Many types of armor are also offered in black. Black leather has been dyed to attain this hue.
  • Red: Red leather armor may also be available. This type of leather is similar to natural leather, but a special process has been used to derive this alternative color.
  • Other colors: In addition to brown and red leather, photography armor may be offered colors such as white, bright red, yellow, or blue.
What types of leather camera skins are available?

There are two different types of camera skins:

  • Body armor: This type of armor covers the lower body of a photography device. The photography device can be used while this type of skin is attached.
  • Lens armor: This type of skin is often used in tandem with body armor. It covers the upper half of the photography device, and it also reaches across the front of the device to cover the lens. This type of armor must be removed before using the device.
How do you install and use a leather camera skin?

Once youve acquired an accessory that fits your needs and read the owners instructions for specific guidelines, consider following these steps to install it on your photography device:

  • Carefully clean the entire body of the device with a mild cleanser. Allow the device to dry.
  • Remove the skin from its packaging, and slip it around the body of the camera. These accessories are usually designed for a snug fit.
  • Push the photography device into the accessory until it is firmly inserted. Pick up the device to see how it feels in your hands.
  • If you have a case for your photography device, check to see if your device still fits in your case.