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Camera Harnesses Straps

Harnesses and Straps for Cameras

Whether you are traveling to a photo shoot or taking a walk in the park, a harness or strap will allow you to maintain control of the camera. These camera straps are manufactured by a wide range of brands that include BlackRapid, GoPro, Nikon, and Peak Design. They are also compatible with a wide range of different camera models and types, from DSLR cameras to point-and-shoot cameras.

Which materials are these harnesses made from?
  • Leather: This is a type of material that can be made from the hides of a range of animals that include cattle. Once the hides have been gathered, the material goes through a tanning process. There are a variety of types of leather that can be used for the making of camera harnesses, from bonded leather and patent leather to top-grain leather. This material is commonly used in the making of shoulder camera straps and belts.
  • Nylon: This is a material that is lightweight and elastic. This synthetic polymer is entirely man-made and can be melted into a wide array of different fibers, objects, and filaments. Once the material has been made into a textile fiber, it is mainly used in the making of both head and chest harnesses.
  • Polyester: This is a type of synthetic material that is classified as either a thermoset or thermoplastic material. While man-made, this material is commonly combined with other natural materials like cotton in order to create a blended fabric.
What are the different types of harnesses and straps available?
  • Chest harness: This is a type of harness wherein the camera is strapped to the very middle of the chest and is buckled around the chest as well as over both of the shoulders.
  • Head strap: This is a type of harness or strap that is meant to be placed over the head. The basic design for these camera straps places the camera on the forehead with one band that extends upward and connects at the back of the head and another band that fits around the circumference of your forehead.
  • Shoulder strap: This is a type of harness that involves a single strap that can be placed on either shoulder with the camera extending down to the chest or waist.
  • Hand grip: This is a type of strap that fits around your hand with the camera attached to the top side of the hand.
How do you select a harness?

Selecting a harness or strap for your gear can be overwhelming, which is why you might want to consider looking at these guidelines.

  • Select a harness or strap style: The possible harness or strap styles include hand, head, and chest styles.
  • Select a color: The wide range of available colors with these camera straps extend from black to gray.
  • Select a material: The numerous materials that these accessories are available in include canvas, leather, polyester, and nylon.